How to Create a Amazon Affiliate Website - 2022

Make money while you sleep. An Amazon Affiliate Site is the starting point for 99 percent of people in Affiliate Marketing in India. The concept is that you endorse goods from other people, often through a network of affiliates, and earn a fee...

How to Create a Amazon Affiliate Website - 2022

Make money while you sleep. An Amazon Affiliate website is the starting point for 99 percent of people in Affiliate Marketing in India.

The concept is that you promote goods from other people, often through a network of affiliates, and earn a fee if people actually end up purchasing thanks to your marketing.

It is focused on the sharing of revenue. You can provide promoters with a financial opportunity with an affiliate program when you have a product and want to sell more. If you do not have a product and want to make money, you can promote a product that you believe is important and you as a company marketer gain income from it.

I have written about it a little earlier, but today I want to write more about how to create a Amazon Affiliate Website and how to get started. So let's dig into my guide for creating amazon affiliate website. Ready?


An Amazon Affiliate website receives commissions by redirecting visitors to websites such as Amazon's products and goods among other items. Affiliate marketing is the practice of receiving a fee by recommending the goods of other individuals (or businesses). You find a product you like, promote it, and earn a profit with any sale you make.


A niche website is a website that focuses on a small section of a wide market with a general, particular interest. A website niche is an online resource that focuses on a specific interest, issue, or subject common to a narrow community in a broader market.
A niche website, though targeting a very specific term that people type into search engines, offers its visitors useful and quality content to answer a question or solve a problem which these searchers share with each other.

We have compiled a list of 1800+ Niche ideas list. It may help you in choosing a Niche.


A website of authority is a trustworthy website. It is trusted by its users, by industry experts, by other websites and search engines.
A website of authority is one of the most respected and valued experts in a certain field. We are talking about places where students quote at school at the end of their study papers.

Well, you won't become a Wikipedia, of course, but you will be able to receive some nice backlinks for free as the source and guide to other smaller websites you have.

Authority sites are now using various methods of monetization, including affiliate fees, email marketing, advertising, etc.


It's three things down, your BUDGET, your Expertise, your PATIENCE.
Authority sites are more costly to create and extend.
More content and SEO-related information are required for the authority pages.
Sites of authorities need longer to thrive.

Over the longer term, authority sites carry more revenue.


niche selection

The selection of a niche is almost as critical for your Amazon Affiliate Site as the quality of its content. Your posts will never reach the public without the former and your efforts could never be for something. Combine the two, and your hands can only be good (as long as you have time!).

Three of the best ways to pick an affiliate niche for your next site:

  • Find suggestions for the subjects that can be monetized in your hobbies.
  • Look for competitive fields to reach the rankings quicker.
  • Target a depth niche, so you won't run out of topics.

Easy Methods:


Go to https:/ and see what is open. Open those categories. As a general rule, your niche of choice should be one in which the products have

a) a price tag of $50 to $200 and

b) a lot of crap.

If you don't live in the United States and target U.S. audiences, use a U.S. zip code (such as 10001 (NY). You may thus search all items available and their current prices.

Preferably, search for items customers need instead of devices and other things that they can buy. I also know that products priced in excess of $1000 tend to be more appealing and profitable, but they are harder to convert and market than cheaper products.


Yeah, just browse the web as normal before you come across a niche you can take advantage of. Only stop falling for the glistening object syndrome and jumping from niche to niche before you even fully grasp the first.

Don't even think about one of the major niches (Laptops, Smartphones, and so on). These are highly over-saturated. Take your time to learn the ins and outs after you pick up a niche. If you want to learn about your niche, you need to take your time and learn everything. This is as important as any other move. It is certain that you will be able to use it if you want to write your material.


domain name selection

Your domain name is like an address for your website. It tells people where your website is on the internet. And while it is not the only thing that affects the success of your site, it's important to choose a domain name carefully for several reasons:

It is possible that a special name will make people want to come back. Your domain name is what other people see first. It will tell them about your site and what you're all about.
Domain names influence search engine optimization (SEO).
If your domain name changes after developing your site, it can be time-consuming.
Names have control – that's just like everything else for a website. Therefore, it should be a thorough method to select the correct domain name and you would want to weigh all your choices before you settle for the winner.

I suggest sticking to big TLDs (.com,.net,, as new ones tend to be spamming AF (personal view).

EMDs are not good for branding, but some people say they are good for SEO. Some believe it's the crap, while others see it has already lost its quality. It's up for discussion, so I'm not going to comment. I don't use them personally because they're ugly.

Here's the thing: you could spend several hours trying to find a successful domain just to find out that someone else has already registered that domain. This is perfectly natural and you don't have to feel less innovative than someone else.

Best Domain Registrars:

  1. Namecheap - Namecheap is always my favorite domain registrar for the past few years. But it's really a pain for Indians to purchase from NameCheap. it accepts only credit card and sometimes with luck, it will accept PayPal with debit card.
  2. Porkbun - Porkbun was known to me for the past few months. They have the cheapest prices for their domains in the entire market. Cheapest prices mean not like some stupid companies which give you domains for 1$ for the first year and then double to triple the renewal fees up to 30$. Their Renewal prices are also very competitive in the market. Currently, they are giving 3 domains for each user at the price of just 4.15$ averaging 300 INR. Make use of it.
  3. Namesilo. - Namesilo is another trusted Domain Registrar company like Namecheap. prices are very competitive in the market.

If you're not familiar with the above 3 companies or their payment methods are not suitable for you as an Indian, Then you can purchase a domain in GoDaddy as the only last option. They do support Indian Payment Gateways such as Netbanking, UPI, Wallets through CCavenue, an Indian Payment Gateway.

Some sites give you domains at 80% off, always beware of these providers, because during the second year or third, when you renew they will triple the fee. OR the transfer fee is very huge.  This is a stupid trick played by some big giants in the market to get you in. 


  • Thumb Rule, try to keep the domain name as short and preferred as possible, not like: (it's unattractive and spammy).
  • If it's not a brand name, Then try to include a keyword in your domain name. For example, or
  • If you have enough money, then try to purchase other extensions like country-specific. Because I know personally if a domain is getting famous, then many will register other extensions and when you really need them, it will costs you thousands of dollars.


get the right hosting

Check these things one by one before purchasing the hosting


An easy way to learn about a web hosting company's reputation is to read reviews and testimonials from previous clients.


Only go to a host that promises a guaranteed uptime of 99.5%. This is the most important factor since downtime has a negative effect on your business, revenue, and profits.


A slow-loading website leads visitors away and badly reflects on your business. A good host offers fast connectivity so that your website pages load easily and give your customers a positive user experience. See if websites and images are loaded instantly by the hosts.


Look for a hosting service that provides a user-friendly, web-based control panel such as Cpanel that allows you to access many aspects of your website from any location easily.


Another significant aspect is cost efficiency and it is worth finding out if there are hidden additional costs for bandwidth, renewals, and improvements. Compare prices for many hosting packages to see where you can save the most money. But remember other factors are also more important.    


Figure out your website needs and learn what kind of features your web host has to offer, such as how many domains on one account will be hosted and how much storage and bandwidth are available. If you want to sell products or services online, you need a host that allows you to set up an encrypted SSL (encrypted server) when you want to accept credit card payments.


While many may prefer conventional customer support approaches via telephones and e-mail, a hosting company providing a live chat service can have 24/7 communication with support technicians and engineers to ensure that everything functions properly and fixes problems in minutes rather than hours.

You need to choose the web hosting company with experience in Azure managed services and other complex tasks such as email migration to office 365, which requires high supervision because there is a risk of failure due to lack of vision.


If the location of your hosts is important to you, you can send an e-mail to the company or check quickly online for its physical location. The location of your hosting is more important because it affects the website traffic if hosted in a different location. 


This means the number of bytes downloaded from your site to your users. While some hosting companies can appear to be providing unlimited bandwidth, it is still possible to reach a limit and to incur extra charges. You should certainly watch for your website to carry a high level of traffic.


If you want a good hosting company, you can upgrade or decrease your hosting plan. It is better to start with a shared hosting account and then continue later to a dedicated server if possible. However, there is a fair bandwidth allowance for shared server hosting packages these days.


In cases of database crashes or hackers, some web hosts back up data periodically so they can fully recover the site if the worst happens.

Two of my most favorite hosting company are Cloudways and A2hosting. DCreato is hosted with cloudways and its sibling sites are hosted with A2hosting.

A2hosting - Their turbo boost shared hosting is always the one favorite I prefer for all my clients. 

They use solid-state drive SSD. This is much more important than it seems, especially when we talk about ranking a website. They are one of the 10 largest hosting companies in the world. Read the A2hosting India Review Here.

Note*: Any decent hosting will work in the beginning; once you get some investment return, you can always move to a high-end one.

As people get bored easily, hosting is an important thing; we live at a century of speed. Use Cloudflare with the Wp Rocket plugin if you can not afford proper hosting, and it will help. They provide free CDN security+global.

To get a high discount from my suggested hosting companies, use the links below,

A2hosting - 51% Discount from the regular prices.

Cloudways - 30% Dicount


This method shows how to purchase hosting from A2hosting. The method will be similar to other hostings too.

Visit and Get started with Shared hosting.


Then click the 'I will use my existing domain and update Nameservers' Radio button and enter your Domain name.

choose a domain

In product checkout page, just select the Asia Server if your Audience is from India or select whatever server that is nearer to your target audience.

checkout a2

Now click the continue button and pay with your preferred payment method. Congrats, Now you have got both domain and hosting.

Now that you have hosting, we will see how to point your domain to the purchased hosting.

If your purchased hosting is from A2hosting, your nameservers will be like,

If you have purchased the domain from Godaddy, follow the steps to point the nameservers.

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account.
  2. On my products page, you will see your domain. just click the DNS button left side of the domain.
  3. Now you will see a page with the heading DNS Management, just go to the middle of the page, you will find a section as Nameservers.
  4. Now click the change button, select the 'Enter my own nameservers' Option.
  5. Then in nameserver field, enter the each nameservers of your hosting.
  6. Now click Save button. That's All.

It will take a maximum time of 48 hours for the domain to propagate to your hosting. but rest assured, most of the times it took just 1-2 hours from my experience.


keyword research


Keywords are the words and phrases in search engines which people type. They are often referred to as search queries or "SEO keywords."


A keyword analysis is a method of identifying keywords in search engines that you want to rank. It's about knowing what your buyers are looking for and how.

It also requires the study and evaluation of keywords in order to identify the best opportunities.


Research by keywords is the only way to decide what people type into search engines. You need to know this in order to avoid making content on subjects no one is looking for. Many website owners make that mistake and it's probably a big part of why 90,63 percent of pages don't get Google traffic.

Furthermore, keyword research lets you answer questions like:

  • How difficult is it to identify this keyword?
  • How much traffic do I get if I use this keyword?
  • What sort of content should I build for the keyword?
  • Are people likely to become my clients looking for this keyword?

You will choose your strategies wisely by knowing the answers to those questions.

If you picked your niche already,

  • Collect a list of the top five competitors.
  • Take a 7-day Ahrefs trial.
  • check the competitor's links one at a time.
  • See for your keywords.
  • MS (> 100) and KD (0 to 5) search and filter for "Best" KWs
  • Export everything to an excel file.Repeat it for every competitor
  • Check each keyword one by one. Metrics do not mean crap by optimizing every page on the SERP for that keyword.

If your niche has not yet been selected:

Once again, browse the WWW as usual, until you've found some good keywords. Know that you can also do that if anyone can rank for a keyword.


logo design

Again, logo design is important, just as domain name selection, for brand awareness reasons.

There are three ways to execute the budget for the logo:

Hire a pro if you have some cash to shell.

"I can't afford pro rates, but hey. What should I do?"

Ok, would you spend ten or twenty dollars on logo design? Yes?   Check Fiverr then. There are some good designers who don't cost a lot.

"hey, I need an (aka free) cheaper solution."

Hmmm. Ok, what you should do here is:

  • Go to Freepik.
  • "Niche+logo" (i.e. Restaurant Logo, Phone Logo, etc.) search.
  • Download the one you want. The one you want.
  • On your machine, run Illustrator.
  • Adjust your colors to your preference.
  • Add the name of your domain.
  • File export.
  • Done! completed!


website design and setup

Can you afford to hire the builder of a website? Sure? Yes?  Then recruit one.

What is that?  Wouldn't you have that kind of money? Well, you can design yourself following tutorials on the web.  

Here is how you will go through the design process of the web.


Generatepress is my theme of preference. It is easy to use, fast and simple and provides a lot of options that you can choose from.
Other themes I suggest,
Schema by mythemeshop


The visitors are inspired or drawn by Your website's color schema.

You can easily and with a wide range of color patterns build your color schema here

Go to Settings -> Permalinks and change the link structure to

  • Use pure white as the background to the image, which gives users trust and user experience. You can choose black or grey colors next to white.
  • You really need a well-designed logo and an outstanding color scheme to increase reliability, turning your guests into potential customers.


I create two menus usually:

  • Primary menu (heading menu) containing my key categories Feedback and Posts
  • Footer menu linked to 3 pages: Contact Us, Privacy Policy with GDPR, and About us


“[website name] is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to [domain extension ( or .in)].”


Create the social handles of your website and add their links to the footer. This will increase the authority of your website. 

Add imaginary editors

Of course, you need to adjust the content to your brand and niche.


The quicker you need to load your website, the lower the plugin should count. There is a general rule that more plugins weren't to be included unnecessarily. It will slow down the loading of your website.

This is another cause for your website's slow loading because certain plugins don't work well with the theme or the simple WordPress features, which leads to more load times.

Some required plugins

  • Wordfence - this plugin will improve the protection of your website to block hacking efforts.
  • Clean, Compress, Cache – WP-Optimize. Optimize photos, simple caches, and other miniatures by a single plug-in.
  • Rank Math - Top in the market All in one SEO plugin.


Best to avoid any plugins designed for

  • Google Analytics -just insert the Analytics code in your theme.
  • SSL- In your .htaccess, you should add the HTTP redirect to https.

For basic operations, it is often best to avoid plugins like these.


Why the speed of the site is significant

Everybody here knows that the site's speed is very critical-for one thing, it's recognized as a ranking factor and for another thing, it has a major impact on the user experience.

Some fast statistics directly from my Google site speed team conversation:

53% of visitors give up loading for more than 3 seconds
Google advertises loading time as one of the most significant user interface considerations. When using mobile devices, this is even more significant.
1-second load delay can lead to an 8% rise in bounce rate
1 second load time delay can lead to a 7% decrease in conversions
1 second load time delay will lead to a 2.1% decrease in cart size

Check the speed of your site

I typically use this site to test my sites' speed:

I often use this method to obtain specific details about what is loaded and when:

But Google advises using one of its tools, which I used before:

You get two results while running this tool from Google – one for desktop performance and the other for mobile performance. You get a rating of 100 and then you have recommendations for enhancing performance-these recommendations are actionable tips customized to your website specifically. For instance, it displays CSS files loaded before the page is displayed, java-script files, existence or absence of compression, and other key speed indicators.


content creation


  1. Your Article Url.
  2. Your article Title.
  3. Your First Sentence.
  4. Your First Image ALT tag.
  5. Your image name.
  6. Your First header.
  7. Your Meta Description.


  • Make sure you use correct placement for your keywords. Don't just stuff the keyword very often and increase the spam score.
  • For your other images alt tags, use Long tail keywords.


  • Start the article with a 100-150 words paragraph with your main keyword in it. 
  • Always use bullet lists and numbered lists.
  • Make sure you add header H1 - Title.
  • Make sure you add header H2 - Our Picks Section, Buying Guide, FAQ
  • Make sure you add header H3 - Products 
  • Make sure you add Amazon Buying Guides
  • Always add attractive images.
  • Try to Include a Comparison Table.
  • Include 2-3 Authority outgoing links per article. This will increase the trust score of your site by the eyes of google.
  • Add the Conclusion at the end of the article.
  • Always write small sentences and break the paragraphs very often.
  • If you're linking to an external link in the article make sure it's do-follow.
  • Always edit the article and make the date of the article to the latest one.
  • Build a list of email subscribers by giving a free ebook or any other resources to them for free. The list will help you build authority in the long term. 


Affiliate marketing is the practice of receiving a fee by recommending the goods of other individuals (or businesses) You find a product you like, encourage it, and earn a profit with any sale you make.

An affiliate page receives commissions by redirecting visitors to websites such as Amazon and Clickbank offerings and goods.

A website of authority is a trustworthy website. It is trusted by its users, by industry experts, by other websites and search engines. A niche website is a website that focuses on a small section of a wide market with a general, particular interest.

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