12 Creative YouTube Title Ideas That Will Make Your Videos Go Viral

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the planet. It’s also one of the fastest ways to get your video content seen by an audience. But with so many videos out there, it can be hard to stand out.

12 Creative YouTube Title Ideas That Will Make Your Videos Go Viral

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the planet. It’s also one of the fastest ways to get your video content seen by an audience. But with so many videos out there, it can be hard to stand out.

People are bombarded with new videos every day and they never have enough time to watch them all. As a result, it becomes even more difficult to break into that top ten list on YouTube's trending page. Here are 12 creative YouTube title ideas that will help you make your videos go viral!

Creative YouTube Title Ideas

Be bold and use your brand name in your video title: Does your company have a unique name that's memorable? If so, then throw it in the YouTube title! This YouTube title idea works best when you're trying to increase awareness about a specific topic. Simply put, people get excited when they see something familiar. They want to click on it to see what all the fuss is about.

Include a number in your title: This is another great way to make your video stand out. People love lists and they love watching videos that promise to teach them something new in a short amount of time. So, if you can pack your video with valuable information, then you'll have a winner.

Make the first word in your YouTube title an action verb: People love doing things and they also love to see how other people are doing them. So, if you can put an action phrase at the beginning of your YouTube video title, then you're more likely to catch people's attention.

  1. "How I Got My First Job"
  2. "Things You Didn't Know About Me"
  3. "I Tried Barbie's Diet and Here's What Happened"
  4. "The Reality of High School Kids Today"
  5. "What Happens When I Try Slendermen's Diet?"
  6. "Kids React to Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials"
  7. "Marriage is a Lie!"
  8. “Why You Should Never Trust Anyone Over 30”
  9. “Can You Get Pregnant Right After Your Period?"
  10. “What It's Like To Date A Millennial? || Dating Challenges with a Millennial Girlfriend || Boys vs Girls”
  11. “How to Survive the Apocalypse: Tips From a Prepper'
  12. " How to Throw a Successful Party"

Titles to grab attention

The thing about attention-grabbing titles is that you have to be careful not to overdo it.

If you come across as desperate or gimmicky, people will be less likely to take your article seriously. With that said, here are a few tips for coming up with attention-grabbing headlines:

  1. “What happens when I...”
  2. "Does asking someone out ever work?"
  3. “12 things you didn't know about..."
  4. "I tried..."
  5. "The reality of..."
  6. "Can we really trust" or "Is it possible to" or "What's the truth about"
  7. "This is what happens when you try"
  8. “Why millennials are different”
  9. "How to be a successful millennial"
  10. “The struggles of being a millennial”
  11. "How to survive in a world dominated by millennials”
  12. "How millennials will change the world"

YouTube can be a great medium for your business. But you need to know how to market to the YouTube audience.

When it comes to titles, you'll want to focus on phrases or ideas that will grab attention and make people want to watch your video. There are a few standard types of hooks:

  • Funny: A title that is humorous and gives viewers an idea of what they're about to see.
  • Time-sensitive: A title that announces something happening now and urges viewers to watch now or risk missing out.
  • Shocking: A title that emphasizes the unexpected and suggests something shocking is going on (this type of hook is often used with mystery videos).
  • Revealing: A title that gives away the ending or reveals an aspect of your video.
  • Educative/ How-to: A title that explains what viewers will learn after watching your video.

These are just a few ideas to help you get started, but there's no limit to how creative you can get with YouTube titles.

Titles to promote your Youtube video

There are several ways to promote your Youtube video. One way is to come up with a catchy title.

Make sure that your title accurately reflects the content of your video, while also sparking curiosity in potential viewers. A few examples of effective titles include:

  1. "I Tried ____ and this is what happened."
  2. "How to (do something) in less than 5 minutes"
  3. "How to (do something) for your kids"
  4. "What I wish I knew when I was (age)"
  5. "(Something) you don't know about me"
  6. "(Something) people never believe about me"
  7. "A top 10 list of (something)"
  8. "The most ____ moments caught on video"
  9. “Learn how to (do something) with ____”
  10. "What it's really like to (do something)"
  11. “(Some people might say... But I say…)”
  12. “(Title) VS (Title)”

Titles to drive traffic to your Youtube Video

The video is everywhere. It’s taken over our Facebook news feed, TVs, and the silver screen.

Youtube has become so popular that it now accounts for 40% of all internet traffic. Here are a few titles to drive traffic to your Youtube video:

  1. "Although some people may think..."
  2. "People respond to ____ differently"
  3. "(People in a profession) hate when they see this thing"
  4. "You'll never believe what happens when I..."
  5. "I tried doing ____ for a week and this is what happened"
  6. "I decided to do ____ for a month and this is how it changed my life"
  7. "The most surprising thing about (something) is..."
  8. "You won't believe what happened when I..."
  9. "I tried being the opposite of who I am and this is what happened"
  10. "I have a unique talent that not many people know about"
  11. "I did bad things when I was younger but then I changed"
  12. "You probably didn't know these facts about me"

You should always include a title that will hook people's interest. People are going to be scrolling through the list of videos, so you need to make it as clear as possible what your video is about.

There are a few ways you can do this. One way is by using an attention-grabbing headline or quote from the video's content. You can also use a question that makes people curious about what the video will show them.

For example, one of my favorite YouTube videos to watch is from Buzzfeed called "What Girls Say When Guys Take Them Out On A Date" and it has nearly 8 million views. The title for this video is: "Girls: What Was Your Worst Date?" Clearly, this title catches people's interest and they'll want to watch the video to find out what happened on their worst date!

Titles to generate engagement for Youtube Video

Youtube is the second most popular search engine in the world, and videos are a huge part of it.

Here are some title ideas to generate engagement for your Youtube video:

  1. "How to _____ in under 5 minutes"
  2. "The top 10 ways to _____"
  3. "What you need to know about _____"
  4. "5 ways to _____"
  5. "You won't believe number 5!"
  6. "Don't buy the lie, here's the truth about _____"
  7. "Number one thing you should know about ____ before going out tonight"
  8. “If you’ve ever wanted to know the truth about ________, then this is for you!”
  9. “Learn how to ________ like a pro in just six steps!”
  10. “This secret trick will make your life so much easier!”
  11. “Is there anyone else who can relate?”
  12. “I bet you didn't know ________ was bad for you!”

Titles that are simple and catchy

Keep your title simple and catchy. It should say something about what is in the video, but not give it away.

Instead of “How to Grill the Perfect Steak” try “Biggest BBQ Hack You Will Ever Know”

Instead of “20 Things You Can Make With Sweet Potatoes” try “10 Easy Ways to Cook with Sweet Potatoes”

Instead of “How to Take Care of a Dog” try “What Every New Dog Parent Must Know”

Titles that use Keywords and Phrases from the video

Find out what keywords and phrases are used in the video, and include those in your title. You can find these by seeing which words are repeated. For example, if someone were talking about how to make a cake in the video, one of their words might be “cake” or “bake.” You can then use those keywords and phrases in your title.

  1. "How to Make a Cake – From Scratch"
  2. "10 Easy Ways to Cook with Sweet Potatoes"
  3. "What Every New Dog Parent Must Know"

Titles to keep people interested

As you can see, YouTube is about more than just video content. Video titles are the first thing potential viewers will see and they’re what will make your video stand out in search results. Good titles catch people’s attention and make them want to click on the video, making it go viral.

A good title should be fun, intriguing, or informative. It should also contain keywords that relate to your video content. Here are some creative YouTube title ideas that will help for optimizing your videos:

  1. Top 10 Bathroom Hacks
  2. How To Make A Cake- In 8 Minutes!
  3. All The Ways You're Ruining Your Hair
  4. 5 Things That'll Change Your Life In 30 Seconds

Titles that are informative

When you watch a video, does it make sense to you? Are you able to follow the story without confusion?

The title of your video is your first chance to make an impression. It's important that the title is descriptive, informative, and persuasive.

For example, if you're uploading a tutorial video on how to fix a broken motorcycle chain, then some good titles include:

  • How To Fix A Broken Motorcycle Chain
  • Broken Motorcycle Chain? Here's How To Fix It!
  • Watch This Before Your Motorcycle Breaks Down!


The title of your video needs to be descriptive and catchy. It should be informative, but it should also get people's attention. If you try some or all of these ideas for your videos, then you will likely see an increase in viewership and subscribers! Keep experimenting with titles until you find one that works well for your channel. Once done, don't forget to go back and update your old videos with better titles!

In order to get the most out of your YouTube videos, it is important to come up with attention-grabbing titles. These titles will help you to get more views and subscribers.

When writing a title for your video, it's important to keep in mind the goal of your video. Are you trying to generate views? Engagement? Shares? Titles are one of the most important factors in whether or not people will watch your video, so make sure they're click-worthy!


What makes a good title for a video?

A good title for a video should be catchy, informative, and persuasive. It should also contain keywords that relate to your video content.

How can I come up with a good title for my video?

Try using some of the tips in this article to come up with a great title. A great place to start is by using Google Trends to see what people are searching for or using  Ubersuggest. You can also try looking at the most popular videos in your niche, noting the titles of those videos, and trying to come up with something similar.

Where can I find keywords for my title?

You can find keywords and phrases for your title by seeing which words are repeated in the video. You can also try using Google Trends or Ubersuggest to find popular keywords and phrases. Finally, you can look at the most popular videos in your niche and try to come up with a similar title.

No. It's important to use keywords that are related to your video content. If you don't, your video may not rank as high in search results.

What if I'm not sure what my video is about?

In that case, it's best to use a broad keyword that is related to your topic. This will help you to rank higher in search results and will help people to find your video more easily.

Can I use my title as a tag?

Yes, you can use your title as a tag, but it's important to also include other relevant tags. This will help you to rank higher in search results.

What can I do if my title is too long?

If your title is too long, break it up by using a dash or colon. This will give people an idea of what your video is about without giving away too much detail.

Can I use all caps in my title?

No. Using all caps in your title will make it difficult to read and may cause people to not watch your video.

Should I include my channel name in the title?

No. Including your channel name in the title will make it difficult for people to find your videos. Instead, use your channel name as a tag.

What if I'm not sure what to name my video?

In that case, you can use a working title and change it later. You can also try using a keyword or phrase in your title to help people find your video more easily.

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