How to Find Expired domains with Backlinks from CNN, NYTIMES, BBC

How you can get a expired domain that has a backlink from high authority website, news sites like,,, etc.

How to Find Expired domains with Backlinks from CNN, NYTIMES, BBC

Hello guys in this blog, I will show you how you can get a expired domain that has a backlink from high authority website,  news sites like,,, etc. For this you need two premium tools: scrapbox and ahrefs. With these two tools, you can easily get an expired domain from these high authority domains.

After Logging in to Ahrefs, just click site explorer in the above menu, and enter the domain from which you need expired domains. You can enter a domain like If you don't know any website, just click more in the top menu bar and click Ahrefs rank and open a new tab. Here they will show high DR domains which is more or less equal to high authority domains .

From there choose a domain. for example, I'm going to choose Copy the link and paste it in the site explorer of ahrefs. After pasting it just click search and here in the outgoing links you will see an option broken links, just click that.

so these are the websites that are not available at this moment or expired, which we can buy. so now what you have to do is, in the link type, just click do follow and click export-> full export -> Microsoft excel. It will take a few minutes.

Once the export is ready, download it and open it, and you will see link url just copy all the links.

And then comes the scrapebox. In the scrapebox url field, paste your links and apply the filters. Remove duplicate domains, duplicate urls and trim to root, remove the subdomains, remove extensions that you cannot purchase such as .gov, .edu, etc . 

Now i get nearly 2 500 domains. Now save the domaind somewhere.  And in the grab or check option, click check Unregistered domains and click start, It will take few more minutes.

 After the checking Completed, Export the currently available domains. And then open that file. These are the domains that are now available.

Choose any domain that you like, for example, I'm going to choose a random domain  and I'm going to see whether this domain is available.

Just paste your domain  in Namecheap domain checker and click search to see the domain is available. Yaahooo!! the domain is available.

Now I am going to check the backlink of that expired domain in Ahrefs Backlinks Checker. And yes, it got a backlink from

So now what you have to do is just register this domain for just $8.88.

If you need to get a backlink from manually for your domain, you have to pay thousands of dollars, but with this method you can save thousands. Just register the expired domain and 301 redirect to your money site that will pass the link juice to your Money site.



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