How to Create a Captivating YouTube Video Description

To build a successful YouTube channel, it takes a lot of effort. You have to create compelling content, be consistent with your uploading schedule, and most importantly, grab your viewers’ attention in the description.

How to Create a Captivating YouTube Video Description

To build a successful YouTube channel, it takes a lot of effort. You have to create compelling content, be consistent with your uploading schedule, and most importantly, grab your viewers’ attention in the description.

The description is the first thing people see when they click on one of your videos. It needs to convince them to watch your video without giving too much away. It’s not easy! But with a little creativity and a few simple tips, you can write an attention-grabbing description that will increase views and engagement on your videos.

Here are some ways to create a captivating YouTube Video Description that will get people watching!

What's the best length for a YouTube Description?

You should limit your YouTube Description to 150 words. This will allow you to describe what your video is about without giving too much away. But don't worry, you can always include a link in the description to a webpage that has more information.

The first sentence should summarize what people will see in the video and why they should watch it. Create a question for your viewers and answer it in the next sentence. Make sure your video is addressing a relevant topic that people care about, and make it clear why this content is important for them to see.

Your last sentence can be used as an invitation for people to subscribe to your channel, like or comment on the video, or share it with their friends.

Keep your description short and to the point

YouTube’s suggested video feed often displays 8 videos per page, so you need to make it count. Your description should be as concise as possible and include 2-3 sentences about what your video is about and why people should watch it.

Don't give away too much! You want viewers to click and see the video for themselves. Once they’re hooked, they're much more likely to watch your video and share it with their friends.

Be Creative!

Most description templates only show the first paragraph, the last sentence and a link. Take some time to write a different opening paragraph or another closing sentence that will engage your viewers even more than usual. You might be surprised what you come up with!

Write specific descriptions for different types of videos

You might think of your YouTube channel as a one-stop shop for all of your videos, but you need to differentiate the content on your page. If you’re uploading a video explaining how to tie a bowtie, don’t simply say “here's one more video from my YouTube channel!” When someone clicks on this video, they expect to see a tutorial.

Instead, describe the video in detail and include keywords that would appeal to people interested in learning how to tie a bowtie.

This will help your viewers find the videos they want at a glance while also giving them an idea of what they can expect from each type of clip. It also helps them understand why they should watch your new tutorial even if they have no interest in tying a bowtie.

Keep it interesting!

You can't just write a description and call it a day. You need to make the description as interesting as possible to get people hooked on your channel and videos. There are four ways to do this:

  • Tell them what they'll learn from your video
  • Share an exciting fact about the video
  • Tell them how they'll feel after watching the video
  • Highlight why this video is different from others you have uploaded

All of these are great ways to attract your viewers and encourage them to click on your video.

Your description is the first thing viewers read when they click on one of your videos use it to your advantage!

Remember, this is not the place for listing awards you have won or accolades you have received. This section should focus on the content you are about to watch.

Now, let's look at some examples of YouTube video descriptions:

“I believe everyone should be able to buy happiness with the currency of their effort.”

“Hey Guys! It's Jenna and welcome to my channel!!”

“Turn on your Notifications for more Vids!!!”

These descriptions read like marketing emails and don't give us anything to go on. They only tell us about their videos, not why we should watch them or what we'll learn from them.

“With all the different types of makeup tutorials out there, its hard to know which one is best for you! That's why I decided to give you all my own personal tips & tricks to create a natural look, not too dramatic but still full of glam!”

This is much better. We now know why the video exists and what we can expect from it. It's also interesting because it tells us about specific makeup tips and tricks instead of listing off generic ones like “how to apply foundation.”

“When I first started reading into the possibility of life on other planets, I read about how these extraterrestrial beings could live without sunlight and instead of having two eyes like we do, they would only have one eye in the middle of their foreheads! This is what inspired me to create my alien makeup tutorial.”

This is great because it sets up the video for us, tells us where our inspiration came from, and gives us an idea of how we'll feel after watching the video.

Add keywords as necessary

Your keywords are the most important words to include in your description. YouTube ranks videos according to relevance, and these keywords will help people find your videos when they search on YouTube.

It’s important to use relevant keywords that people would be searching for related to your content. For example, if you're a makeup vlogger, then "beauty" is a keyword that you want to include.

Doing this also helps with SEO because Google takes into account the description when ranking the video's page.

If your business sells beauty products, you should include relevant keywords like "beauty," "fashion," "makeup," etc. Make sure that these keywords are used in an interesting way or at least provide some value not just repeated over and over again.

Include a call-to-action (CTA)

A call-to-action is a phrase that asks people to take some sort of action. It could be anything from “watch the video” to “visit our website.”

Your CTA should always be included in your first sentence and it should reflect your goal for the video. For example, if you want more views on your video, then your call-to-action for the description might be “watch the newest episode of my show!” or “show me love by giving this video a thumbs up!”

Be relevant

First, make sure your description is relevant to the video. This will help you attract viewers because they'll be curious about the content in the video. If people are interested in what you're talking about in your description, there's a good chance they'll want to watch the video.

Since this is your channel page, it should be able to stand on its own. A boring or vague description won't capture anyone's attention and lead them to click on your video.

Make sure you tell viewers what they're going to get when they click on your video. What's in it for them? Why should they spend their time watching it?

A great example of a YouTube Video Description is this one by American Eagle: "What if we told you that our denim is different than yours? Find out why."


YouTube is a powerful way to share videos with the world. And it’s up to you to craft the best YouTube video description to captivate viewers and encourage them to subscribe.

YouTube gives you up to 5000 characters to work with, so don’t worry about your words being too short. But it’s important to keep your descriptions short and to the point. A little detail can go a long way, so be specific when writing descriptions for different types of videos.

Remember: keep it interesting! Add keywords and a CTA (call-to-action) as needed and be relevant.

If you do these things, your YouTube video description will be perfect and you will have a better chance of earning more views and more subscribers.

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