Zion Builder Review: Is it Worth the Money?

Zion Builder is the most promising page builder plugin in emerging page builders. So, let's analyze if the zion builder is worth your money?

Zion Builder Review: Is it Worth the Money?

WordPress is CMS software and a blogging tool that helps you to create websites. However, a page builder plugin of WordPress helps you to create these websites even easier. Therefore, page builder plugins are in great demand. One of these page builder plugins is Zion Builder. It is the most promising page builder plugin in emerging page builders. So, let's analyze if the zion builder is worth your money?

Features of Free Zion Builder

Zion Builder was previously available on Kayllyas theme but it was released as a standalone plugin in May 2021. It is available for free so you can experience it. However, you can unlock advanced features by buying a pro version. Now, let's see the features of Zion Builder. 

The Interface

The editor is super lightweight and although there is no metric to prove it, yet you can understand it by using it once. It takes less time to load as compared to other page builders.

Design Elements

Zion Builder offers about twenty-five different design elements like text, image slider, video, Google Maps, testimonials, and pricing box, etc. There are high chances that you will get all the necessary design elements for your project.  

Editing Experience                                        

The editing experience is super fast, easy, and impressive. A navigation bar is available on the left side and it does not take a lot of canvas area. However, it is a new page builder and needs improvement in panels and adding margins, etc.

Zion Builder Pro Features that You Must Know Before Buying

The Pro version of zion builder can cater to almost all of the needs of website creators. Therefore, you have to upgrade to the pro version. Following are the amazing pro features that you can unlock by upgrading to the pro version.

Ability to Add Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is the essential requirement for any page builder. This pro feature allows you to pull the dynamic content to any area where you add an element. The supported general dynamic content types include featured image, author info, author Meta, site title, and site tagline. Moreover, you can also add dynamic content related to posts. These dynamic content types of posts include post title, post date, post content, post excerpt, post id, post terms, and comments count.    

Theme Builder to Increase Customization

Almost all page builders have to offer a theme builder because it is essential for customization. A theme builder assists in creating custom templates for a theme as every theme has its default themes. However, web creators need a custom theme template according to their specific requirements. Therefore, the theme builder feature is of great importance. Zion Builder allows you to create custom templates of a single post, single page, archive pages, 404 page, search result page, header, and footer. 

WooCommerce Build for Ecommerce Websites

The WooCommerce plugin of WordPress is in the market for a decade now and its popularity is growing since day one. Therefore, millions of e-commerce websites are using the WooCommerce plugin of WordPress. Hence, a good page builder is the one that allows creating custom templates of e-commerce websites to replace the default templates of WooCommerce. Therefore, the Zion Builder Pro version provides options to create custom templates for WooCommerce. Hence, it works perfectly for e-commerce websites.   

Transform Feature to Eliminate Code Writing

The technical web creators know the coding. Therefore, they can easily customized styles and designs. However, the non-technical creators need something that does not require coding knowledge. Therefore, zion builder has introduced the transform feature. This feature helps non-technical creators to add CSS transform to a particular element without coding knowledge. Right now, Zion Builder provides this option in properties of translate, rotate, skew, and scale.   

Custom Fonts to Increase Readability

Fonts are the first impression of any website. The best fonts are the one that helps readers to read easily without a problem. Therefore, most of the websites use only popular fonts. However, sometimes you need a customized font. Keeping in view, the pro version of zion builder offers both options. The popular six font families of Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman, Trebuchet, Georgia, and Segoe UI are available in the regular version. However, the pro version supports the integration of Adobe Fonts and Google Fonts for the ultimate customization of fonts. On top of that, you can also upload fonts.  

Custom Icons along with Huge Icon Library

Icons are the best way to communicate the functionality and usage of a website. Therefore, there should be an icon for almost any option. However, some page builders offer a small library of icons. Luckily, that is not the case with zion builder as it offers about 1535 icon options. However, that is not all! You can also upload your icon files easily.

Global Colors to increase Efficiency in Coloring 

Changing the color of a certain element requires multiple steps. You have to change the text color and column background color etc. However, the pro version offers a feature of global colors. This feature allows you to change the colors smoothly. With this feature, all you need to do is choose a global color and it will be applied to all the places where you used global color.

Custom CSS to Style and Design

CSS knowledge is the key to create stunning web pages. However, the CSS knowledge is of no use if the page builder does not allow you to add custom CSS. Luckily, the pro version of the zion builder allows you to add custom CSS. Moreover, it is super easy to do so. All you have to do is click on the advanced tab on the setting panels and look for the option to add custom CSS on the bottom side. Once spotted, click it and change it!

Pro Templates to Simplify Everything

Templates simplify everything on the website. However, the free version offers few templates. Therefore, you must upgrade to the pro version to fully enjoy the simplicity of templates. The pro version of the zion builder offers various premade templates that you can use instantly. Furthermore, it provides access to newer templates that are constantly added to the library.  

Role Manager to Manage Teams

The era of the one-man army is long gone. Now, you have to work in teams with other people. Therefore, you have to allocate roles to your team members. The feature of Role Manager offered by the pro version allows you to do this right away on your website. You don't have to orally order team members to not access certain pages or editors' options. You can make their user levels and handle their permissions. Indeed, it is ideal for websites with multiple users.

Pros and Cons of Zion Builder


  • The speed of Zion Builder is very good because it is lightweight.
  • It offers a great deal of customization that is required by professional creators.
  • Zion Builder provides less Bloating because it avoids unnecessary coding.
  • It is very affordable as compared to other alternatives in the market.
  • Zion Builder provides e-commerce functionality so you can sell!
  • It simplifies things as it allows you to create templates.
  • The feature of role manager in Zion Builder provides more control.
  • Zion Builder allows you to have custom fonts and icons.


  • Zion Builder is relatively new in the market and therefore less reliable.
  • It is new and still solving some technical issues.
  • It provides few options as compared to its alternatives in the market.

Overview of Zion Builder Pricing and Packaging


The Personal Package is ideal for individuals and the cost of the package is only $29 per year. However, this package only allows one website per year. It provides all the features that are offered in the free version along with all the features of the Zion Pro version.


The Pro package is ideal for professional web creators who have to offer services to their clients. The cost of this package is only $69. However, there is a drawback that it only allows three websites per year. Therefore, it is only suitable for beginner professionals. Lastly, the pro package also offers all the features of the free version and pro version. 


The Extend package is ideal for agencies. The cost is only $149 and it allows you to use unlimited websites per year. Indeed, it is one of the best options for growing agencies. The extended package offers all the features of the free version and pro version.  


The lifetime package is ideal for established agencies and professionals. The cost of this package is only $249 and it allows you to use unlimited websites for life. Moreover, it includes all the features of the free version and pro version.

Price Comparisons of Zion Builder with other Page Builders

The prices of all the four page-builders keep fluctuating due to various deals and packaging. However, for starters, Divi page builder is the most expensive option while Zion Builder is the most affordable one. Similarly, for the Pro Web Creators and agencies, Elementor is the most expensive option while Zion Builder is the most affordable!

The Alternatives of Zion Builder

There are three alternatives to Zion Builders. These alternatives are Divi Builder, Elementor, and Brizy. Let’s review each of the alternatives. 

Divi Builder

          It was released in 2015 as a standalone page builder so it is way ahead of Zion Builder. Furthermore, it offers various features like drag & drop building, true visual editing, custom CSS control, and responsive editing, etc.


          It was released in 2016 as a standalone page builder and it is preferred by many website creators. Furthermore, it offers more than ninety widgets, a live drag-drop editor, and a pixel-perfect design.


          It was released in 2018 but it became popular quickly. The most popular features of Brizy are speed, a mega menu builder, and elegant elements. Furthermore, it also offers an active color state for applicable elements.

Zion Builder Comparison with Other Builders

Zion Builder versus Divi Builder

Zion Builder is a relatively new page builder as compare to Divi Builder. Divi is in the market for the last decade whereas Zion Builder is in the market for the last year. However, less time does not mean that zion builder is not good. It is super flexible and affordable as compare to Divi. However, the truth shall be told! Zion Builder is in the initial stage and it is in the phase of improvement. Therefore, it will take some to fully improve all the technical aspects of the page builder. So, if you strive for perfection then choose Divi but if you strive for affordability and basic requirements then choose Zion Builder.  

Zion Builder versus Elementor

Elementor is in the market for the last five years and they have spent this half-decade to perfect it! Therefore, Elementor offers more than ninety widgets, a live drag-drop editor, and a pixel-perfect design. However, Zion Builder is in its first year and it is offering all the necessities of a good page builder at very affordable packages. Moreover, it provides beneficial features in its pro version. So, if you are a professional or agency then Zion Builder is the most affordable option while Elementor is the most expensive option.      

Zion Builder vs Brizy

Brizy is in the market for the last three years. However, it managed to quickly capture a good market share because of its speed, mega menu builder, and elegant elements. Although Brizy was amazing in speed, the Zion Builder has put great competition in terms of speed. On top of that, Zion Builder is very light as compared to Brizy so it is somehow beating Brizy! So, if speed is the biggest factor you care about then choose Zion Builder!

Verdict: Is Zion builder worth the money?

Yes, indeed it is worth the money you are paying. It offers the most affordable packages, especially for starters. Furthermore, it is ideal for starters as they do not need a ton of functions in the page builder. It is super easy to use and it fulfills all the basic requirements of page building while keeping you on budget.

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