The 10 Best Fonts for Instagram Carousel Posts

Explore the best fonts for Instagram Carousel posts. Learn how to choose eye-catching fonts and discover fonts that you can't live without!

The 10 Best Fonts for Instagram Carousel Posts

I think carousel posts are a great opportunity to use bold fonts. The goal is to grab the viewer's attention and make them want to click on the post in order to see more.

The typography for carousel posts should be big and bold. This will make it easier for viewers to read what you are trying to say, which is especially important if you have a lot of text or images in your post.

Use bright colors, interesting fonts, different shapes, and fun images for posts that will appear as a carousel on Instagram. This way they'll stand out from the other posts on your feed.

1. Open Sans Bold Italic.

Open Sans is a sans serif font that can be used in various environments and is available in the following weights:

Normal, Bold, Extra Bold, Condensed, Condensed Bold Italic.

2. Raleway Bold.

Raleway is a sans serif typeface with a very thin line thickness that has a very beautiful and elegant style.

Raleway is designed by Matt McInerney in 2009 and has been featured on the cover of the Penguin Classics edition of J.D Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye.

3. Montserrat Bold.

Montserrat Bold, designed by Julieta Ulanovsky and Pablo Impallari, is a typeface that combines a humanist typeface with a geometric typeface. It has wide letterforms and sturdy serifs. It comes in two weights, with a strong contrast between thin and thick strokes.

This typeface was created for the purpose of being used in the branding of Asana, an online business management software company that offers collaboration tools to teams working on projects together.

4. Lato Bold.

Lato Bold is a font developed in Poland in the 1920s and is characterized by its strong, geometric design.

It is believed that the font was designed by Polish type designer Janusz Marian Nowacki with help from professor Teodor Rożniak. It was first used on Polish postage stamps and then other field of design. Now it has expanded to literature, TV shows and movies.

Lato Bold can be downloaded on Adobe Fonts website or purchased on Creative Market if you want to use it for commercial purposes.

5. Roboto Slab Bold.

Roboto Slab Bold is a sans serif font family designed by Christian Robertson, and is a proprietary font for the Android operating system.

Roboto Slab Bold is a sans serif typeface, with broad rectangular letter shapes, square curves, and open forms. In the italic form, the letterforms are more condensed. The family includes 18 fonts in both weight and width variations—from Light to Black weight with corresponding Italics—and supports Latin character sets for Western European languages. The typeface has been designed to be highly legible on screen at small sizes as well as in large display applications such as headings.

6. PT Sans Bold

PT Sans Bold is a sans-serif typeface that is used in many of the PT Sans typefaces.

PT Sans Bold shares some similarities with Arial Black, the font it partially replaces.

7. Crimson Bold

Crimson Bold is a calligraphy font. It's a perfect and thoughtful gift for those who love to pen the pen, as it can be used for personal correspondence, as well as for business use. The font is very suitable for quotes, book titles, and other purposes.

1) Crimson Bold is based on calligraphy typefaces that date back to the Renaissance era.

2) It was designed by Italian type designer Giovanni Mardersteig and released by the Nebiolo foundry in 1953.

3) The name of the font derives from its deep red color which stems from its black ink color since it was designed in a time before modern digital printers had been invented.

8. Kenyan Coffee Bold

Kenyan Coffee is a great font for coffee shops - it has a rustic and natural vibe. It looks like something that is hand-drawn or made on the spot. It is a one of a kind design that captures the essence of coffee shop in Africa.

It is not only about the lettering but also about the atmosphere that it brings to you.

9. Berlin Bold

Berlin Bold is a typeface designed by Canadian typographer and graphic designer Adrian Frutiger in 1957. It was released as a serif companion to Univers, Frutiger’s previous sans-serif font.

François Rappo was the art director at Linotype and assigned the task of creating a "serif companion" to Univers for use in printing trade publications. Rappo drew on the letterforms from an eighteenth century typeface, Baskerville, as well as those from other eighteenth century sources such as Garamond and Caslon Old Face.

The term "Berlin" refers to the city where the font was developed, rather than its origin (which is Paris). Frutiger chose Berlin because it had less traffic and more quiet than Paris

10. Blogger Sans Bold

The best thing about the Blogger Sans Bold font is that it looks like handwriting, which makes it perfect for creating personal blogs or for a blog where you want the reader to see themselves as part of the story.

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