Siteground India Hosting Complete Hot Review 2022

Siteground India Hosting Complete Review 2022 Believe it or not, hosting is a very competitive business. As we acknowledge the aforementioned customer-centric culture of the business, we realize that customer experience and ultimately their fe...

Siteground India Hosting Complete Hot Review 2022

Believe it or not, hosting is a very competitive business. As we acknowledge the aforementioned customer-centric culture of the business, we realize that customer experience and ultimately their feedback can serve to strengthen or diminish the brand of a hosting platform. Today we will look at one such hosting platform fighting to etch out its niche in the competitive market. This is a Siteground India Hosting Complete Review 2022.

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How It All Got Started

Siteground Hosting was founded by college friends: Tenko Nikolov, Nikolay Todorovin, and Reneta Tsankova in 2004. According to my research, the three college friends had just one mission: to reimagine today’s hosting industry using ways that build even more fulfilling, lasting relationships. The early developers, who are still with the company today are now the top executives. With over 500 employees today and over 2,000,000 domains hosted, every employee has been carefully selected and showed traits in or were skilled in the following areas: craftsmanship, quality, passion, integrity and simply have fun and be themselves.

Overview of Siteground India

With today's technology, web hosting has become quite a booming industry. To have a successful web page and get traffic to your web page, whether you are a small business or a huge multi-billion dollar business, you must consider the three S's when choosing a web host provider: speed, support and security. Siteground Hosting is said to have all three and much more according to user reviews, where most scored Siteground Hosting with five out of five stars. I have yet to read just one bad review about Siteground Hosting. Everywhere I look when I type web hosting into my search engine, I see Siteground Hosting

So I have decided to dig down deep and review the company myself and how it compares to Siteground Hosting to other top competitors within the world of web hosting. I'm going to break down the pros and the cons for you in this article and you can decide if Siteground Hosting is the right choice for you and your business.

Headed Inside to Siteground India

When I go to their website, I am immediately directed to their homepage. Which, which offers some insight on the different types of hosting including Web hosting, WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, Cloud hosting, Reseller hosting and Enterprise hosting. Depending on the type of hosting that you will need for your business determines the price.

  Startup - $3.95/mo Grow Big-Crafted For Your Web Growth - $5.95/mo GoGeek-Crafted For Real Web Geeks - $11.95/mo
Web Hosting-for Personal & Business Websites *Regular Price - $5.95/mo.
*1 Website.
*10 GB Webspace.
*10,000 Visitors.
*Unlimited websites
*20 GB Webspace
*25,000 Visitors

*Regular Price - $34.95 /mo.
*Unlimited Websites.
*30 GB Webspace.
*100,000 Visitors Inmates.
WordPress Hosting & WooCommerce Hosting *Regular Price - $5.95/mo.
*1 Website.
*10 GB Webspace.
*10,000 Visitors.
*Unlimited websites
*20 GB Webspace
*25,000 Visitors
*Regular Price - $34.95 /mo.
*Unlimited Websites.
*30 GB Webspace.
*100,000 Visitors Inmates.

Price Comparison Table

Pricing for Siteground India Hosting is determined by which hosting plan that you would choose. The Start-Up packages are for smaller businesses who have a website, but do not have a lot of traffic. The Grow Big package was created to control more than one website at a time.

The Go Geek package was created for ecommerce and for larger companies who sell a lot of their merchandise over the Internet.

Siteground Hosting has some of the best availability figures around, nearly 100%. Due to the hardware that they use, high-speed hosting is above average. But, the most excellent pro that

I've found with Siteground Hosting is their customer service. I decided to call customer support to better get an idea of what feelings their client goes through knowing that the person on the other end of the phone actually knows what they are talking about.

And the kindness and we niceness was just a bonus. The customer support person was very friendly and very nice and is very well educated and knowledgeable with their answers. I finally explained that I was doing some research and she was even more than happy to answer all of my questions.

  The customer support team is friendly and fast. Not only is phone support available 24/7, but online chat is also available. Siteground Hosting seems to be a good choice for beginners and for those who just want more security and higher speeds.

Siteground Hosting also guarantees their clients 99.9% uptime. If not, for every second that the uptime is affected, Siteground Hosting will provide a month free for each second that the uptime is affected

Siteground Hosting also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you can't lose a lot if you take advantage of this offer. Siteground Hosting also does daily backups as a measure of security. Siteground Hosting also offers tutorials on their website of how-to videos.

Personally, the only con that I have seen so far with Siteground Hosting is the fact that it is more costly than other web hosting providers. The loading speed is the fastest compared to the other hosting providers. It is however, more costly than some of the other web hosting companies.

But, fast speeds, excellent customer support, and the uptimes are almost always at 99.9%. For me, spending the extra money definitely sounds worth it so far. If you are looking for a cheap web hosting provider the Siteground Hosting is not the web hosting provider for you.

Another con for Siteground Hosting is that they do not give you a free domain like many of the other hosting providers do. Many of them will give you a domain for one year for free for pairing up with them. The domain fees through Siteground Hosting are also a bit higher than normal.

Siteground Hosting also has a higher amount with their renewal fees than other web hosting providers. Sure, $3.95 per month sounds like a great deal. But it's simply a marketing strategy to get people to switch to them. When the promotional deal runs out, you willthen have to pay almost three times as much. The cost monthly goes up to $11.95per month.

Of course I did find a hidden fee. Just one so far. Most web hosting providers will try to encourage you to sign up for a year or maybe even two when you first sign up.

Siteground Hosting will allow you to sign up for one month at a time. But, remember if you do, you pay $3.95 for the monthly fee and $14.95 as a one-time set-up fee. So you will actually get penalized twice, once at start up and once when it is time to renew.

Siteground Hosting also has a free drop and drag Weebly Sitebuilder, which will help those who do not know where to even begin when it comes to creating your own website.

Weebly joined Siteground Hosting in 2015. The drag and drop function allows you to create a website with the ease of just picking up and dropping. So for those who are just now designing your web page, Weebly would be an easy way for you to go until you can get the hang of it.

Top Eight Web Hosting Platforms

  1. A2 Hosting                  -           Score 9.8 out of 10
  2. SiteGround           - Score 9.5 out of 10
  3. Hostinger                   -           Score 9.3 out of 10
  4. Interserver                 -           Score 9.0 out of 10
  5. Dreamhost                -           Score 8.8 out of 10
  6. HostGator               -           Score 8.5 out of 10
  7. Network Solutions    -           Score 8.3 out of 10
  8.                  -           Score 8.0 out of 10

Battle of the Underdogs: Siteground Hosting Versus A2Hosting

Well, throughout this article you hear us repeatedly describe Siteground Hosting as an up and coming hosting platform. In any type of business, it is not very easy for newcomers to simply thrust their business into a preexisting market and expect to carve out a niche.

There are several factors that most definitely have to be taken into consideration. For one, how does Siteground Hosting stack up to the competition? It is all well and good to simply highlight the key features that this fairly new web hosting platform brings to the market, but that is definitely not all.

You see, the business of web hosting is arguably a fickle business. It is one of many businesses that thrives on customer loyalty. Think about it. What are web hosting sites offering really? When you strip away the bells and whistles you basically see the same thing across the board.

Sure there are things that allow different web hosting sites to stand out. Price, speed, storage capacity allotted and other factors help to differentiate businesses. Take Bluehost for example.

Bluehost stands at the apex of web hosting platforms as it relates to customer reviews, however a company like A2 Hosting can stand toe to toe with Bluehost in terms of features.

Sure there is a price difference if we want to nitpick, but in terms of features such as speed, uptime, availability of customer service help and other factors they are virtually the same.

As highlighted above, A2 Hosting is ranked at about 5th place based on customer reviews. While we do acknowledge that it does in fact sit prominently in the top eight, we look at A2 Hosting as the perfect candidate to compete with Siteground Hosting in this article.

Yes, we acknowledge the paradox and pit these two against each other. We must caution you however that this will not be a cut and dry comparison. We are analyzing both webs hosting companies by looking at several factors, then we will ultimately assign an overall winner.

A2 Hosting was started in 2001 and originally went under the name Inquinet. From its inception, the web hosting platform was marketed as a high speed platform. It has in fact lived up to its name.

When people speak about the fastest web hosting platforms, the name A2 Hosting is usually thrown in as it relates to the comparison. Some in fact would say that A2 Hosting, though it is not the top web hosting platform out there wins the war based on its speed. Speed alone is not enough however as you will see in this section.

Comparing the Plans: Prices and Features

As we scan the web hosting category of business we notice a staple as it relates to price structure. Most web hosting platforms operate using a three tiered structure that is tailored to fit different budgets and feature requirements. Siteground India Hosting and A2 Hosting both subscribe to this concept, as they too employ similar three tiered structures.

However this is also where they differ. In terms of affordability, A2 Hosting has managed to beat the up and coming Siteground India Hosting. A2 Hosting’s ‘Lite’ plan, ‘Swift’ plan and ‘Turbo’ plan are simply better priced than the similarly structured plans of Siteground India Hosting.

To make matters worse, A2 Hosting is actually offering more for less as you will see further in this section.

Storage Comparison

Even with its base plan (‘Lite’ plan) A2 Hosting offers unlimited SSD storage. Of course we see that Siteground India Hosting offers limited storage. While the storage capacity that they offer for their prices are quite large, the fact that not only A2 Hosting, but also many other competitors in the web hosting business offer unlimited storage is quite concerning.

How does Siteground India Hosting justify its higher price point by not having unlimited storage? One can argue that unlimited storage is a standard across the industry.

Uptime Comparison

Here is where things swing in Siteground India Hosting’s favor. A2 Hosting did see a drop in uptime based on the analysis. While A2 Hosting markets its 99.9% uptime guarantee, we did see a drop in uptime for the web hosting platform.

A2 Hosting’s uptime dipped to as low as 99.70% on average for the period of July 2019. Adding this to other periods of dipping uptime, total uptime dip equates to approximately a half an hour. This might seem miniscule, but bear in mind the nature of internet based businesses.

Every second of uptime counts as it relates to virtual platforms. Remember that the 24 hours nature of this arm of business is a key component to its viability. We exist in an era of convenience, where customers are more and more subscribing to the culture of consuming or purchasing products and services from home. You see therefore the critical nature of uptime. Imagine how many sales businesses would have lost in this approximate half an hour of uptime dip.

Siteground India Hosting on the other hand has consistently maintained its average uptime of 99.99% since its inception in 2004. There has been no significant drop in uptime, and that is commendable. Siteground India Hosting wins this round.

In an era where customers are spoiled for choice, every attempt at marketing the positive aspects of any business should be captured. Uptime is in fact a big deal. Marketing trends suggest that if the fact that Siteground India Hosting was able to beat one of the top eight ranked web hosting platforms on such a critical point was highlighted, then more and more clients may opt to choose the underdog platform.

Speed Comparison

As stated before A2 Hosting markets its speed. You see the concept of its speed thrust in your face with even the names of the three aforementioned tiered plans (‘Lite,’ ‘Swift,’ and ‘Turbo.’) This level of confidence in this aspect of their platform is completely warranted. The fact is that A2 Hosting has been acknowledged by some reviewers as having the fastest speeds in the market.

The web hosting platform is even able to stand toe to toe with Bluehost. In many cases, A2 Hosting even surpasses the top web hosting platform in terms of speed. Impressive is an understatement in this regard.

Siteground India Hosting on the other hand is no slouch. The underdog web hosting platform is in fact catching up with A2 Hosting and the other top rated web hosting platforms. The reality is the speed difference is on average very miniscule when comparing the platforms across the board. Most have similar infrastructure which by virtue may be arguably able to support the same levels of speed. However the fact that A2 Hosting is able to edge away from the competition in some cases is quite noteworthy.


Other Factors

Ultimately, every other factor when comparing the two web hosting platforms is virtually the same. Both Siteground India Hosting and A2 Hosting offer free website or webpage migration. Both offer live 24/7 live customer service platforms that are characterized by knowledgeable customer service representatives capable of walking you through virtually every aspect of web hosting.

However it is important to note that A2 Hosting holds a slight edge in this regard as the web hosting platform houses hundreds of dedicated articles on its pages that are able to cover every aspect of web hosting and its related topics. These articles I have found to be very detailed in their approach, giving even newcomers the ability to effectively manage their websites and web pages using the intricately designed and interactive tools at their disposal.

Therefore, with these other factors being virtually similar we obviously have to give the win to A2 Hosting. This is not to say that what Siteground India Hosting is offering is inferior.

After all, I did mention earlier the concept of brand loyalty. You see, most of these web hosting companies start you out with a special price. However the real price kicks in after the stipulated period is over. Many people do in fact find the new price quite astounding when the auto renew kicks in. However these are not hidden fees.

They are always clearly outlined in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ sections of the various signup agreements. The web hosting companies operate under the premise that the often significant jump from the special prices to the real prices will not be a deterrent to customers prompting them to migrate their websites or web pages.

The argument is that if the subject customer is getting a quality product or service with all the requisite customer service help that the web hosting company can provide, then he or she would consider it a hassle to migrate the websites or web pages to a new platform regardless of the price.

This concept has in fact proven true. Customers seldom switch web hosting platforms. They are in fact quite loyal, save for the occasional customer with a big enough grouse that would provoke the switch. It is also important to note that like A2 Hosting, Bluehost, and many other top web hosting companies, Siteground India Hosting offers some semblance of a money-back guarantee. This of course is subject to the rules outlined in the ‘Terms and Conditions.’

Frequently Asked Questions About Siteground India Hosting

Q: What are my hosting options as it relates to Siteground India Hosting? Am I limited in any way?

A: Siteground India Hosting is not limited in any way. The web hosting platform has many popular options based on your individual needs. They do Windows hosting, Linux hosting, e-commerce hosting, CRM hosting, CMS hosting, Forum hosting, Wiki hosting, blog hosting, and others. With world-renowned programs like WordPress the web hosting platform has all the requisite tools to fulfill your web hosting needs. In fact, Siteground India Hosting has been officially endorsed by as one of the top web hosts.

Q: How do I create a website using Siteground India Hosting?

A: Website creation using this web hosting platform has proven to be an easy, stress free and short process. The interactive tools available in the web builder program are easily understood and readily available to members. At no point where we at a loss as to what to do. However, if there was ever a point of doubt, the 24/7 live customer service platform was there at our disposal. In contacting them, the average wait time to speak to an actual human was a little under five minutes. These people were friendly, knowledgeable and patient. They are able to almost extemporaneously provide an answer to any query related to web building or web hosting.

Q: How much do I pay monthly to utilize this web hosting platform?

A: Siteground India Hosting offers three-tiered packages. These packages are competitively priced and are characterized by many features geared towards effective web building and web hosting. There is literally something for everyone as the prices are able to cover every individual's needs and budgets.

Q: What if I want to move my already created website to Siteground India Hosting from a different platform?

A: Siteground India Hosting offers free website migration to all its members. It is a seamless process once you are able to provide the requisite cPanel credentials. The process of website or webpage migration is detailed on the web hosting platform’s website. However if you would rather speak to a live person, then there is the option of using the 24/7 customer service platform.

Q: Will my website suffer from a dip in uptime using Siteground India Hosting?

A: Siteground India Hosting guarantees users a 99.99% uptime. To date, the web hosting platform has delivered on this promise wholeheartedly. Since its inception in 2004, the web hosting platform has had no significant dips in uptime. This of course inspires confidence in Siteground India Hosting.

Q: What if I am not satisfied with the service offered by Siteground India Hosting? Can I get a refund?

A: This web hosting company goes above and beyond to satisfy all its customers’ needs as it relates to web page creation, website creation, website migration and virtually every other aspect of web hosting. The talented and well-read customer service representatives stand ready to assist you and walk you through the solving of any problems that may arise as it relates to the platform. However in the rare instances where the subject problem cannot be solved, or if there is another grouse, then Siteground India Hosting offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Refunds are therefore paid subject to the rules outlined in the web hosting platforms ‘Terms and Conditions.’

Q: How innovative is Siteground India Hosting when compared to other web hosting platforms?

A: This web hosting platform does things a little differently from other such platforms. Instead of having dedicated servers to handle processing, Siteground India Hosting has built its own cloud-based infrastructure from the ground up. Processing is handled using this cloud-based platform.

Q: What is my storage capacity when using this web hosting platform?

A: Siteground India Hosting offers 10 GB to 30 GB SSD storage. Of course, this is dependent upon the plan that you select. There are three-tiered plans geared towards satisfying your individual needs based on budget, features, and other factors. Please visit the platform’s website for more details.

Q: What if I have a preexisting domain name?

A: Siteground India Hosting offers a seamless process of website migration. This includes the migration of preexisting domain names. Information on web site or web page migration is available on the web hosting platform’s website. The 24/7 customer service platform is also available at your disposal. The customer service team has proven to be extremely knowledgeable in this aspect and virtually every other aspect of web hosting.

Q: How soon after I create my website using this web hosting platform does it go live?

A: The creation of a website using this web hosting platform is a seamless process. All the requisite tools to facilitate the effective creation and management of your web page or website are available on the platform. Once your website is created, you have the option of launching it immediately.

Q: How fast is this web hosting platform?

A: Siteground India Hosting recognizes the importance of speed as it relates to web hosting. The web hosting platform, therefore, places a priority on this. With its own cloud-based infrastructure and multiple servers domiciled in various locations, the web hosting platform is able to deliver speeds on par with those offered by its competitors. In some cases, Siteground India Hosting even surpasses some competitors in terms of speed.

Q: What is web hosting?

A: Web hosting is a service provided by various web hosting companies including Siteground India Hosting. It basically means that the files that make up your website are stored on remote servers. You are able to publish your website so that your clients can view it and communicate with you via the established links in the subject website.


Now, back to the original question. Is Siteground India Hosting moving up as a competitor in the web hosting world? In my opinion, yes Siteground India Hosting is and has always been a major competitor. Yes, their prices are a little pricier than other companies. But, back to these three S's which are needed when looking for a web host.

The first one was speed. And I think by looking at my review and everyone else's reviews as well that Siteground India Hosting definitely is a top contender when it comes to speed. The second thing was support. Siteground India Hosting has excelled in the department of customer service. The supporters are well trained and actually getting to know their clients. And last was security. Siteground India Hosting takes security and any and all breeches as part 9f a standard as well.

Before you make a decision about which web hosting provider you should use, always remember the three S's: Speed, Sleep and Security. These key things must be met to have a successful website. Always look for those hidden charges and always read the fine print.

Siteground Hosting stands toe to toe with the best of web hosting platforms on many fronts. In a market that is saturated, this underdog does have potential based on its offerings. We did emphasize the three S’s (Speed, Sleep and Security.) Our tests show that Siteground Hosting prominently displays these factors.

When we compared this underdog platform to A2 Hosting, a web hosting platform that stands prominently in the top eight platforms we saw that the quality of Siteground Hosting was not far from the competition. In fact, the supposed underdog Siteground Hosting was even shown to surpass its competition in some cases. While it is no Bluepost, Siteground Hosting has obviously shown its pedigree. Who knows? Maybe the developers will tweak the web hosting platform and solve the highlighted issues. Maybe this hypothetical tweaking will fine tune the web hosting platform in such a significant way that web designers and other stakeholders may take notice. Maybe this notice will allow Siteground Hosting to surge in popularity. Maybe this popularity will allow the web hosting platform to rise to the apex of the market and dethrone Bluehost. Wishful thinking perhaps but I am sure that the developers would entertain such a dream. That being said, Siteground Hosting is no slouch. What it gets right, it does to the best of its ability. What it gets wrong, it probably needs to brainstorm and innovate to correct.

As it stands now, Siteground Hosting is still a viable and competent web hosting platform. While we acknowledge that there are some aspects of the platform that do need improvement, the overall platform is far from incompetent.

You can do a lot worse than Siteground Hosting. Now you know everything that you should know about Siteground Hosting and can make the right decision when deciding if this is the hosting company you want to work with or not.



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