Keyword Golden Ratio: A Proven Way to Get More Traffic and Conversions

You want to make sure that you choose keywords that are searched for less than 250 times per month, with less than 63 results when searched for with "allintitle" on Google.

Keyword Golden Ratio: A Proven Way to Get More Traffic and Conversions

What is Keyword Golden Ratio?

Doug suggests choosing a keyword that is searched for less than 250 times per month, has less than 63 results when searched for with "allintitle" on Google

You want to make sure that you choose keywords that are searched for less than 250 times per month, with less than 63 results when searched for with "allintitle" on Google.

Doug Connington is an internet marketer who specializes in SEO. Doug developed the KGR technique which takes less than 48 hours to rank a blog post. Doug also has a YouTube channel where he demonstrates his techniques, such as the one below. A lot of people have been finding this video and it's been getting more and more views every day.

3 Usecases to Try Keyword Golden Ratio

The KGR is useful for 3 main reasons.

  1. New website owners need to get traffic early to stay motivated. The KGR is here to help you get small wins faster that will keep you dedicated, and at the end of the day nothing is more motivating than proving your concept by getting paid.One of the most important aspects of any new business, especially online, is getting traffic. But how does a new website owner get traffic? The KGR has everything a new site owner needs to not only drive traffic to their site, but also convert those visitors into customers.
  2. You can control what keywords and content you can use on your site. It's quite helpful to have a tool help you find the perfect keywords for your content, as this way you will be able to rank higher in Google searches, leading to more website traffic.Keywords are the most important parts of a website. Without keywords, your site will never rank high on Google. With tools, you can find the perfect keywords to help you rank higher in search engine results and have an edge over your competitors.
  3. As this is a manual process and this gives you a level of access to data other people can't easily get their hands on. The hard work you put in is rewarded by this advantage which makes it all worth the effort!There are a number of ways that you can use your creativity to ensure that you are maximizing the value of your work.

KGR Method:

The Allintitle command in Google's search engine allows you to find blogs that have the same keyword. This is a great way for small businesses with tight budgets to find blogs with similar content to theirs. Allintitle will also show you other keywords that the blog may have in its name, which is helpful for finding other content about your niche.

It is a good idea to minimize the number of search results that are returned when using a "allintitle" Google search. To do so, add as many words as possible before your one keyword in order to reduce the likelihood of headlines with orthographic errors or contexts from other articles appearing.

Now divide the no. of search results that appear in the 'allintitle' search and divide with the monthly search volume of the keyword.

For example, if your keyword is "music streaming sites" then you would divide the number of search results that appear in the 'allintitle' search by the monthly search volume of your keyword. What this means is how many searches there are for your given keyword each month.

Doug's advice is to get your KGR score below or equal to 0.25 so your site will increase in the rankings. Sites that are older can rank well with a KGR between 0.25 and 1, but for newer sites, it is often necessary to get their KGR value below 25%. Website must have authority for this strategy to work, as KGR values

Google sandboxing is commonly the result of a KW with more than 250 MSV. It will take some time to get past the sandboxing and rank in search. The number of occurrences for 'allintitle' should not be more than 63 in any case.

According to Doug, the process is unfinished here. The process works for some people, only if they have a low-competition niche site. There's everything, from 30-50 articles to apply for Amazon affiliate. But many of the people I've talked to just don't find this guide super helpful as they say it doesn't cover all the bases possible and it's not thorough enough for them.

Drawbacks of Keyword Golden Ratio

Keyword Golden Ratio Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a strategy of loading your content with keywords in the hope of improving your site's ranking. However, Google does not look kindly on this practice and so it might affect your rank. This tactic is not only useless & out-of-context but can also get you penalized.

Keyword Golden Ratio Keyword Scarcity

One of the biggest criticisms of this ranking strategy is that it's hard to find KGR keywords for search engines. But, you have to remember that any ranking method takes some skill and effort.

Failure to Rank with Keyword Golden Ratio

KGR compliant searches can sometimes miss out on good ranking spots. Sometimes, a KGR-compliant search term, even if it has a score between 0.25 and 1 - or less than 0.25 - will fail to rank well due to the competition with other higher-scoring terms.

Google has updated their search algorithm to be more focused on search intent. The company announced that this will make it much clearer for people what they are looking for and what they find will be more tailored to their needs.

Failure to Produce Keyword Golden Ratio Content at Scale

A statistical study, conducted by Doug Cunnington and recorded in his report, found that around 5% of KGR terms performed better than he expected, about 15% performed worse than he expected, and the remaining 80% ranked somewhere in the top 30 to 50 after a short period of time.

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