How to Find Blog Post Ideas?

Business owners are often hesitant to start blogs because they do not know what to write. Therefore, I will give you six methods that will help you decide which topics to cover in this post. Furthermore, I will also examine five creative ways to come...

How to Find Blog Post Ideas?

Business owners are often hesitant to start blogs because they do not know what to write. Therefore, I will give you six methods that will help you decide which topics to cover in this post. Furthermore, I will also examine five creative ways to come up with content ideas. So, let’s start!

6 Methodical Ideas to find blog post ideas

1.   Cover the Basics of Content Marketing

Content marketing involves the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant, and consistent content to facilitate communication between a brand and its target audience - with the goal of driving profitable customer behavior. To put it simply, content marketing holds the attention of and helps address the informational and task-oriented needs of your targeted audience members instead of pitching your products or services.

Categories of the Basics Content Marketing

You believe your audience will become accustomed to your brand over time, recognize your company's unique value proposition, and reward you with their business and loyalty. Following are some categories, you need to look at!

  • Price

What determines the cost of service and what influences its price?

  • Problems

How does a potential customer object to becoming a customer?

  • Reviews

Can we objectively evaluate relevant products and services?

  • Comparisons

What makes one package, product, or service superior to another?

  • Best of

Are there any top-of-the-line products and services?

  • How to

What are the steps you follow to complete a step-by-step process?

Why Does This Method Work?

When a potential customer is researching a product or service, these are the main types of content they search for. There are hundreds of case studies (including Marcus's above) that demonstrate the effectiveness of this content marketing approach.

2.   Check Out the Customer Question

Make sure your inbox and sent items folders are in order. How often do you answer the same question from customers? It's a great idea to blog about the same information you send out repeatedly. You can provide the link the next time someone asks you that question. You will also save a great deal of time as a result.

Technical Writing Prices Question

I can direct clients to a page that answers their questions about technical writing prices, for example:

  • How is a photoshoot set up technically?
  • In the event of bad weather and lighting, what should you do?
  • What is copyright permission?
  • What are my options for publishing my photos?
  • What is the recommended frequency of updating my photo?
  • When will I receive my photos?
  • What if the pictures aren't good?

Those questions and more can only be answered if you are that photographer. However, why keep it a secret? Write down the answers and put them out there on your blog.

Why Does This Method Work?

You demonstrate an understanding of your customers' needs by answering their real questions. By doing this at scale on your website, you are much more efficient than repeatedly answering the same question in one-on-one conversations.

3.   Consider Sales Conversation

When you make sales calls and meet with prospects, what do you explain to them? Your potential customers would be helped and your life would be made easier if you discussed that in a number of articles.

It is natural to become better at explaining things face-to-face when you write down all the information you provide during your sales meetings. It's information that customers would like to know but might not know they need it yet, because they're not yet educated enough to realize they need it.

A customer who researches you before trying to buy from you will then understand your process, which will reduce the anxiety of sales calls. As a result, you should be able to get more done.

Depending on your business, here are some examples to get you thinking:

  • When will my order be delivered?
  • How long will it take to receive the order?
  • When it comes to free trials, how do you handle them?
  • Can you tell me how long the warranty lasts?
  • During a sales call, what are the questions you must ask?

5 Tips for A Successful Sales Conversation

  • Build Rapport
  • Ask Interesting Questions
  • Set the Agenda
  • Sell the Vision of the Future
  • Deliver on Your Promise

4.   Think About Customer Restrictions

Your ideal client might be hesitant to buy from you if they run into one of these barriers. To assist your customers, your content needs to address their fears and concerns. It's important to reach a point where you have published enough relevant content to easily overcome objections.

Common Restrictions

  • There's too much of a price: explain how your cost is determined.
  • If you do not know how your product/service will help, create content that shows how it solves the problems.
  • Is it possible for something to go wrong? Discuss customer service and misconceptions.
  • Make comparisons with alternatives if you think there's a better alternative.

8 Rules for Good Customer Service

  • Please answer your phone
  • Keep your promises unless you intend to keep them
  • Take the time to listen to your customers
  • Taking care of complaints
  • No matter the cost, be helpful
  • Make sure your staff is trained
  • Step out of your comfort zone
  • Be creative and add something extra

Why Does This Method Work?

If you remove all obstacles in front of a customer, they have no other choice but to say yes to trying your product or service.

5.   Research Gaps in Your Industry

All the major points have been covered before, it is easy to believe. But think about this: have you ever searched Google and found an answer that wasn't exactly what you were looking for?

Is it possible that one of your clients couldn't find what they were looking for when searching for an answer? Could your content fill that gap?

Try some searches for the kinds of things that your customers might be seeking. Put yourself in their shoes. Is the information on the web reliable? Consider these questions:

  • Does the content make sense?
  • Is everything true?
  • Do you (the pretend customer) feel confident enough to buy based on the content? Why not?
  • Were there any items omitted?
  • What isn't working well?

Note the search terms you used to find this content. Is your own blog or website listed in the results? Is there a good answer to the question you searched for? If not, could you write some content related to it?

A keyword research strategy is a process of finding out what customers might be searching for and then finding the content that is already available.

  • KWFinder

I use this tool to look up keywords. You can do two searches per day for free. Check out SERPChecker and SERPWatcher as well.

  • Keywords Everywhere

Free plugin for the Google search results page to display keyword search data.

  • Keyword Tool

Find out what keywords are available for free.

  • Google autocomplete

In the drop-down menu, enter a search query and see what Google suggests.

  • Google-related searches

If you are done searching, look at the suggestions provided at the bottom of the page.

  • Answer The Public

See what related questions are highlighted when you type in a topic or industry.

  • Quora

See what questions are being asked and what answers are being given on relevant topics.

  • Amazon reviews

You can use it to understand your customers' frustrations by checking their phrasing.

You should create helpful content that contains keywords related to your business after you have discovered some relevant ones.

6.   Own A Niche Market

Your product or service may only be relevant to a particular area, so you can increase your chances of ranking well by including your location with the keywords you wish to rank for.

As an example, assume the previous tip led you to find a keyword like:

Freelance Blog Content Writer

In order to attract local clients, you could modify this to:

Freelance Blog Content Writer in Newport

Those who write content around the first keyword might face a lot of competition. In contrast, the second keyword will have much less competition. Even though many fewer people would search the second keyword than the first, whoever does the search for the second keyword will be much more likely to click through to your site and ultimately do business with you.

No matter what your business is (e.g. you offer products or services that can be delivered online), adding your location to your content can help people who want to buy or hire locals.

5    Creative Approaches to find a blog post ideas

1.   Use A Distraction Activity

Stare at the screen instead of staring at a blank one. Focus on something completely different instead of thinking about what to write.

You'll be able to let your mind wander when you're assigned a physical task that doesn't require mental effort.

Here are some examples:

  • Get some exercise by taking a walk
  • Make sure you take a shower
  • Wash and peel potatoes
  • Reshuffle the cards
  • Fidget spinners are a great way to relax
  • Simply draw a picture

In my experience, I usually come up with my best blog ideas while doing some form of distraction.

Why Does This Activity Work?

It's easy enough to do them that you won't exert much effort while doing them. Take a moment to wander your mind and see what you find.

2.   Turn A Sentence into A Short Story

A common trait among all strong writers is understanding, the importance of word choice. By choosing strong words, you can create strong moods and images and make your stories and poetry more powerful and vivid.

Here's a simple but effective one:

  • Select a sentence anywhere in the book (fiction is best) and translate it into English.
  • You can construct a short story from that sentence by spending a few minutes.

Why Does This Activity Work?

It is possible for a mundane starting point to lead to a fascinating conclusion. It was someone else who came up with the original content (the sentence) that you're just developing.

The fact that you're riffing off someone else's idea gives you an extra sense of creative freedom. The final product may, however, be a complete departure from the original idea.

Bloggers who want to create lots of additional ideas from a base idea can do this exercise well and it's particularly relevant to them.

10 Tips to Create A Short Story

  • Tips for getting started in an emergency
  • The First Paragraph Should Be Catchy
  • You need to develop your characters
  • Decide what point of view to use
  • Engage Meaningful Discussion
  • Using the Context and Setting
  • Set the plot in motion
  • Construct conflict and tension
  • Prepare for a crisis or climax
  • Bring a resolution to the table

3.   Make A Few Word Association

If you want to run your mind free then you need to try this activity. Your mind can run free using this classic method:

  • Consider a word that describes your business (whether it is related or not).
  • Which word springs to mind next? What about that one?
  • By only thinking about the previous word, construct a chain of words.
  • If possible, try saying the words aloud for a minute or two. A voice memo is a great tool for capturing the process.

When you've completed your sentence, consider the chain of words. Although it was not a good idea to think too deeply about any particular link in the chain, considering the entire sequence together may prove an interesting insight into your thinking process. Have you heard anything else that might help you?

Why Does This Activity Work?

Your mind is free to wander, so you aren't sure what will happen. There may be an idea hidden in your subconscious that is revealed during the creative process.

What Is Association of Words?

There is a semantic relationship between two words that causes a word to be associated with another word. During a word association test, a stimulus word is given, and then someone mentions a response word that comes to mind first when they see the stimulus word.

4.   Imagine 50 Uses of A Brick

Try something boring and then come up with a new use for it. As an example, a brick can be used, but it can also be anything else. You must look at it from a different perspective. Put your brain to work and enjoy the process.

So, what are some possibilities for using a brick?

  • Zone for fairies to hide and seek.
  • An apparatus for holding ping pong balls.
  • Placing the plate on a raised surface to prevent table flooding.
  • Equipment is juggled by Strongman.
  • Percussion instrument with the lowest pitch in the world.
  • Skin tone matching for Donald Trump.

Why Does This Activity Work?

When you approach things from this angle, you gain a new perspective. It is sometimes helpful to see things from a different perspective to gain a deeper understanding of a topic, which can give you new ideas.

Benefits of Bricks

The benefits of this kind of flooring are numerous, such as a good indoor climate, durability, and a high sale value. Building materials such as bricks do not degrade as rapidly as other materials. They are more durable, and cracks are less likely to form. Natural bricks do not damage the environment because they are a clean, natural material.

5.   Consider An Unrelated Industry

If you want to relieve the pressure on yourself, consider a job that has no relation to what you do now. It doesn't even have to be a real job - you can invent your own. An example would be:

“Make decorative flags with custard if you are making them for a living.”

The following topics might be covered:

  • What should the size of a custard flag be?
  • Are there any food dyes that can be used in custard?
  • What is the life expectancy of a custard flag?
  • When making custard circles, how do you do it?
  • Which yolk sets best: duck or chicken?
  • What is the policy on custard flags in football stadiums?

Despite some of these ideas sounding whacky and silly, remember that producing the same boring content that everyone else does will not promote your brand or help you stand out.

Why Does This Activity Work?

Stress over your own business is common, but hopping off the hamster wheel and focusing on something unrelated can be empowering. I'm sure that you'll be able to come up with creative ideas for your own company once you've completed this exercise. Most of the time, it's just a matter of giving yourself permission to be creative.

Additional Tips for More Innovative Ideas

Here are some additional tips for more creative ideas, you need to look at!

  • An optimistic mood prevails
  • Create a wall for brainstorming
  • Embrace your individuality
  • Please allow for suggestions
  • Take action on suggestions
  • Get started with standing up
  • Place certain things under a ban
  • Get to know each other
  • Meditation and self-reflection in a sacred space
  • Take a walk outside
  • Provide rewards for thinking outside the box

Bottom Lines

Muscles need to be exercised, and the brain is no exception. You will find that a good content idea will come to you naturally as you continue to add analytical and creative practice to your writing routine. By reading this guide, you’ll find more creative ideas related to your blog.

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