Five Plugins for the Perfect WORDPRESS Gallery

Your pictures from your last holiday are perfect? You run a WordPress site? Then why not publish them there? Very easy and comfortable with your own photo gallery. We introduce you to the best WordPress Gallery plugins. Installing a gallery plugi...

Five Plugins for the Perfect WORDPRESS Gallery

Your pictures from your last holiday are perfect? You run a WordPress site? Then why not publish them there? Very easy and comfortable with your own photo gallery. We introduce you to the best WordPress Gallery plugins.

Installing a gallery plugin

To install a plugin, select "Plugins" in the admin area of your WordPress installation and then "Install", which will open the "Install Plugins" window. If you already know the name of your plugin, you can simply enter it in the "Keyword" text box. Then click on "Search Plugins". The plugin should now appear at the top of the results list.

Otherwise, just look under "photo gallery", "gallery" or "gallery" and choose a plugin from the results displayed. To use the plugin, confirm "Install" under the plugin name. WordPress will then open a popup window asking you again if you really want to install this plugin. Press "OK" and the installation will start.

In the next window, you will receive information about the successful installation. Click on "Activate this plugin" and it should then be visible in the menu bar or under "Settings". With a click on the name, you usually open further options to configure the gallery and fill it with images.

Photo gallery

With Photo Gallery you can create as many galleries as you like, add descriptions and sort your images into albums. The plugin Photo Gallery is free of charge in the basic version. Additionally there are three different purchase versions, which include an additional slideshow and lightbox effects, different views and support from 6 to 24 months.

You can add a new title, description or keywords to images you add to Photo Gallery, move them in order, add a watermark to images with a pre-defined watermark in the options and make extensive settings for the front-end view.

Photo Gallery is very flexible and easy to set up. There are numerous tools available to customize the gallery. For example, you can set up the page background and the background of the thumbnails with the color of your choice and adjust the font and size of the captions.

NextCellent Gallery

NextCellent Gallery is based on the code of the plugin NextGEN, which is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. After installation, you call it up in the menu bar under "Galleries" and adapt it to your needs. The setup of a new gallery is done via the menu item "Gallery/Add Images". You can upload pictures either individually, in a zip folder or from a directory. In the gallery folder, you decide how and if you want to add a title, a description, and keywords to the images.

The gallery can be displayed as a simple gallery with thumbnails or as a slideshow. To do this, make the appropriate settings for the front view. It is also possible to create albums, determine the size of the thumbnails and protect images with a watermark. A configured gallery can be integrated into the website by clicking the "Create new page" button in the "Gallery NextCellent" dialog.

Responsive WordPress Gallery - Envira Gallery Lite

With Envira Gallery Lite, it only takes a few minutes to set up a simple gallery. After installation, the plugin appears as "Envira Gallery" in the lower part of the menu bar.

Click on "Add New" to create a new gallery, add images from your hard drive or media library and set up the view via "Config". By clicking on the info icon you can add metadata to the thumbnails in the back end if required.

After activating the "Publish" button, Envira generates a short code, for example "[envira-gallery id="28″]" to embed in any page.

Grand Flagallery - Photo Gallery Plugin

With the Grand Flagallery plugin, you can integrate not only images but also videos and audio files in MP3 format into your website. It is also possible to share pictures only with registered users - a feature that should be especially interesting for private photos.

Grand Flagallery saves itself in the menu as "FlAGallery" after installation. You can create new galleries via the menu item "Manage Galleries". Here you can also add your images, which you can then add a title and description in the gallery folder. If you have already entered these data in Lightroom or another image management program, Grand Flagallery will take over these values. In the "Options" you define how the images in a gallery should be sorted and which colors should be used.

The plugin is installed by default with the "Minima" view. However, under "Appearance" you get the option to install additional templates, for example, "3D Sphere", "3D Cube" and "Optima".

To create a new gallery page for the front end, then switch to the menu item "GRAND Pages" and "Add New Gallery Page". In the window that opens, select the gallery you have created, activate a template from the pop-up list behind "Choose skin:" if necessary, or a playlist from the list behind "Music:" and then click on "Publish".

Fancy Gallery

Fancy Gallery is an easy to use gallery plugin. After installation, you will find the options for its setup under "Galleries" and "Add Gallery". You can upload pictures or import them from the library. Then you choose how many images you want to preview and which template you want to use.

When you create a new gallery, Fancy Gallery automatically generates a gallery shortcode, which you only need to insert into a new page to display your images there. Fancy Gallery can be used as a Lite version for free. For more features, two purchase versions are available on the developer's website.

In the front-end, the images of the Fancy Gallery are initially displayed as thumbnails. Clicking on one of the pictures opens a lightbox with the possibility to browse through the album.

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