Action Blocked On Instagram - The Reasons For Your Block

On Instagram, if you violate the terms of use, you risk an action block. In the vast majority of cases, the blocked action on Instagram only lasts 24 hours. However, you don't have to worry. Indeed, blocking Instagram action is not the same as a...

Action Blocked On Instagram - The Reasons For Your Block

On Instagram, if you violate the terms of use, you risk an action block. In the vast majority of cases, the blocked action on Instagram only lasts 24 hours.

However, you don't have to worry. Indeed, blocking Instagram action is not the same as a “ shadow ban ” which is more restrictive and more difficult to detect.

Often, if your Instagram actions are blocked, it is because your behavior went against the general conditions of use of the social network.

Has this happened to you and you want to know how to fix it?

In this article, we'll take a look at the reasons that can be behind your Instagram actions being blocked. How to solve action restriction problems. Finally, we'll see how to make sure this doesn't happen again.


When you like, comment or follow another user and a message appears on your screen explaining that your functionality is restricted, it means some of your actions are blocked on Instagram.


In most cases, the action of blocking your Instagram profile only lasts 24 hours. However, depending on the severity or recurrence of your excess, the duration of the blockage can extend over a week and even 1 month in some cases!

Often, Instagram gives you information about the potential reasons for this blocking and can also tell you the duration of this restriction.

In the vast majority of cases, Instagram blocks your actions due to the oper use of its features. When social media views your behaviour as spam, it restricts you.


To avoid the risk of being blocked on the social network, it is necessary to know in which case an action can be sanctioned by Instagram.

First of all, be aware that the action blocked on Instagram was put in place to address the misuse of actions over a short period of time. If you exceed the allowed limit, your actions will be blocked by Instagram.

The limits set by the social platform may vary depending on the age of your account and the recurrence of violations of the terms of use.

Let's see the reasons that can induce the temporary blocking of your Instagram profile.


This is arguably the most unfair sanction Instagram can apply to your account.

Instagram has instituted hourly and daily limits on the number of actions a user can perform.

In June 2019, the social network reduced these limits by about half. Because of this, even users who perform all of their actions manually are at risk of being blocked if they exceed the limits set by Instagram.

When I talk about share limit, I include likes, comments, follow, unfollow and even user data uploads.

The problem is that today it is not possible to determine the border not to be crossed since it can be different depending on the Instagram profile.

In addition, Instagram's algorithm is not quite up to date when it comes to unearthing abusive behaviour from natural behaviour. No message will be sent to you to warn you of the imminent risk of a blockage. So be careful!

When browsing Instagram, be careful to engage in behaviour that feels natural. That is, which cannot be suspected of spam by Instagram's algorithm.

When you post content on your Instagram feed, I recommend that you respond to your first comments within the first 30 minutes . Then take a break before coming back later.

This trick allows you to take advantage of the algorithm to improve the visibility of your post while avoiding the risk of blocked action on Instagram.


The fact that you have already had an action blocked on Instagram can more easily lead to further penalties.

The number of daily actions allowed decreases after you violate Instagram's terms of service.

In addition, if one of your accounts has been blocked, it may impact your other profiles by the IP address you use. Therefore, I always recommend using different IP addresses when dealing with multiple Instagram profiles.


As we have seen, Instagram's algorithm has greatly evolved over the past few years. Everything has been put in place to limit the effectiveness of automation software.

Although people want us to believe the opposite, bots still have a bright future ahead of them. It is not in front of the first difficulty that the programmers will give up.

Indeed, there are still effective ways to properly use automation tools, but it requires more awareness.

To get the most out of automation tools and get under Instagram's radar , I advise you to mix different types of actions. Avoid doing the same task too many times in a row.

Do your best to program your automation tool to behave like a human being.

A good practice is to automate your account gradually. Initially, use the tool sparingly and regularly pausing. Combine automation with manual use.

The indicators that will allow you to judge the frequency of use of the tool are:

  • The age of your account.
  • Your level of activity.
  • Your number of followers.
  • The number of posts in your feed.
  • The type of action you are used to doing.
  • Depending on all of your activities, and the interactions of your audience, you will be able to automate more or fewer elements.


It is impossible to calculate the limits of Instagram's algorithm, in particular, because each action has a different impact on the calculation of spamming.

Indeed, not all actions on Instagram are created equal.

For example, if you only use comments, I recommend that you do not exceed 20 comments per hour with a limit of 150 per day.

If you primarily use likes, don't go over the limit of 40 likes per hour with a daily limit of 200 likes.

As you have understood, you have to limit yourself according to your use of social media.


In itself, nothing prevents you from using an Instagram profile with others. However, if everyone logged in interacts at the same time, you risk putting your profile at risk.

In addition, an account connected via different IP addresses can alert the speed cameras of Instagram's algorithm .

I advise you to manage the development of your Instagram account alone or at least to ensure that the different users do not interact at the same time.


The age of your account has a direct impact on the number of authorized actions you can perform from the account.

The younger your account, the higher the limits. If your account is between one and three months old, you should gradually increase the number of actions you take .

Otherwise, the surge in activity will be detected by Instagram as suspicious even if you do it manually.


In order to be able to answer this question, few carried out research on various French and American sites which regularly carry out studies on the Instagram algorithm.

Let's see what you can do to get the full functionality of your Instagram profile.


The most obvious way is to delete your Instagram app and reinstall it.

After that, cookies and other data collected by Instagram should be deleted.

So, you should get rid of the blocking option applied by Instagram. Especially if it is temporary.


Importantly, if you haven't done anything wrong, you have the option to report a sanction imposed by Instagram.

When the signal “action blocked” appears, you are generally offered two options: “Report” and “Ok”.

To request that Instagram manually review the reason for this sanction, click the "Report" button.

That said, some error pop-ups have no option other than "Ok ". In this case , follow these steps (from the Instagram application) by clicking on:

The 3 bars superimposed horizontally at the top right of your screen;
" Settings " ;
" Help " ;
" To report a problem " ;
"Overall opinion".

In the text field, explain that for some reason your account has been blocked even though you haven't done anything that goes against the rules set by Instagram.

Use this method even if you've spammed or are using automation tools. This action will show Instagram that you are not bot.


It is possible that Instagram has temporarily blocked your IP address .

Therefore, by switching from your wifi to mobile data on your smartphone, the problem can be solved.

In general Instagram implements this type of sanction when you are suspected of automating several accounts at the same time from your home.


If other apps are installed and are using your Instagram profile, they may cause your account to be blocked. Especially if they perform successive actions, causing an overload of the Instagram server.

I'm not referring to automation bots but rather some third-party Instagram apps .

For example, apps that let you know who has unfollowed you or that provide you with additional analytics to those in Instagram Insights.

Now Instagram makes it possible to create business and designer accounts without having to connect them to Facebook.

If your account is not linked to Facebook and is threatened by an action blocker, link it to your Facebook page. Thus, you will prove that you are not a bot.

Also, you can link your Instagram profile to other social networks.


If despite having tried everything, your Instagram account remains blocked, unfortunately, all you have to do is wait …

Especially, if you have the actions blocked on Instagram, stop trying to interact every 5 minutes . That won't help matters!

Also, deactivate all automation software during the period and even as soon as your features are reactivated. Wait a few days and then slowly resume your activity.


If Instagram has blocked some of your features, don't worry. Try to resolve the issue with the items shared in this article. If nothing helps, wait a few days and everything will be fine.

However, in the future be careful . Use Instagram's features sparingly so that you no longer fall victim to a blocking action.

I'm curious if Instagram has ever blocked you? If so, tell me in the comments how long your restriction lasts.

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