13 Instagram Engagement Hacks to Get More Likes and Comments

Influencers are always looking for new ways to engage their followers and get more likes on Instagram. You can find many different engagement hacks that work, but you should try these 13 Instagram engagement hacks that influencers use and love!

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Share your feed with a friend, family member, or fan before posting it publicly .

Once you post, your friend or family member should tag themselves in the photo and simultaneously like the Instagram post. Doing this will give you a free 400% boost to engagement on that Instagram post!

For an extra 500% boost, follow them if they aren’t already following you. If they already follow you, like their last3 photos.

This hack works because you are giving them a taste of your content before they decide to follow you. They will be more likely to follow if they like what they see. You can also tag their friends in the post for an extra boost!

Be sure to thank them after for helping you with this Instagram engagement hack, and tag them in your next post if you can!

Use Instagram’s carousel feature .

If you have a series of similar photos (i.e. a tour of your house, a tutorial, etc.), make sure to post them one after the other in an attempt to connect with your followers. This strategy will not only help you build a stronger relationship with your Instagram followers, but it will also give them an idea of what to expect from your feed in the future!

Make sure all of your posts have a call-to-action to encourage comments or shares from others .

Instagram does not allow you to tag people in comments, so your call-to-action should be a comment that asks for one. For example: “Tag yourself!” or “Share this post with your friends!”.

This is a great way to get others engaged as well! Asking them questions and encouraging engagement will lead to more likes on your posts, and eventually help you gain more followers.

Post photos from events you attend as the guest of honor (and make sure they’re good quality!

When you attend events, try to find some unique way to make your post stand out. For example: if you are the guest of honor and speaking at an event, take a selfie with the audience or drum up excitement for your speech by posting a video before it starts! This will help increase engagement on an otherwise “boring” event.

This Instagram engagement hack should help you stay in touch with your followers. By posting photos that stand out, they will be more likely to engage with your account and like those posts!

Tag other influencers in your post’s caption to increase visibility among people who follow both accounts

Share a photo from your Instagram Story, and tag the influencer so they see it! This will help you get more exposure to their follower base. Try tagging 10 to 20 people at least once per day.

Doing this can cause them to notice you, and maybe even share your story with their audience! If they like the interaction, they may follow you back. This is a great way to get exposure on an influencer’s account without asking them for it directly. Tag other people into your post’s caption as well! You might get even more engagement by tagging other people in the picture, too.

Share visual content that’s easy to like or share (ex. funny photos, videos of furry animals, etc.)

People are more likely to engage with visual content vs. plain text posts. Share photos, videos or GIFs to maximize engagement on your posts. You’ll get the most likes per post if you share a photo!

Use Canva and create attractive banners for all of your Instagram posts that can be shared easily on other networks (ex. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest).

Tag your favorite brands in a photo and ask to have it featured on their page (if it’s something they’d be interested in)

Sending a brand a photo that you want them to feature is more likely to get their attention than if you asked for something directly. Try tagging 10-20 different brands in photos, and see who likes them! This can increase your exposure among people who follow those pages as well. If someone tags one of the brands you like on Instagram, and you have an account with that tag, your profile shows up in the bio. This leads to more brand engagement if they check out your profile too!

Comment back on your own posts after you’ve already posted to get people engaged

After you’ve already posted something, tag 5-10 people that would be interested in that topic or photo. This is great for getting engagement on old posts that are still relevant to current content, and it’s also a great way to tell more people about your account. When you’re commenting back on an old post, make sure you use hashtags that are relevant, so people can find your account more easily! You might get more likes if you’re commenting on posts with lots of comments too.

Give away products to influencers, and ask them to wear or tag your brand in the photo (if they like it)

People are more likely to engage with your Instagram posts if they’re excited about the products you use. Giving away free product samples is a great way to get people’s attention, and it’s also easy. If you want them to feature your products in their photos, make sure you tell them which hashtags to include! Hashtags have a lot of uses: They can help people find you, they can get your account featured by Instagram’s brand new hashtag stories feature. (#hashtagsareveryuseful)

Post photos that are outside the box with unexpected colors, textures, or poses

Use Instagram as a way to get your creative juices flowing. Post photos that are outside the box with unexpected colors, textures, or poses (as long as they’re tasteful). Take chances and experiment! You’ll get more likes on your photos if you’re using interesting visuals instead of just straight forward photos.

This is an easy way to standout from the rest of the Instagram crowd!

You can also try posting reaction videos to create more engaging content.

Ask your friends and fans to tag themselves in your posts so their friends can see as well

People love seeing photos of their friends, so encourage them to share it with their friends even after they’ve liked or commented on the photo. This is a great way to get more engagement on your account if you have a lot of friends that use Instagram!

Reply back to comments after you’ve already posted something to get attention from other people

After you’ve already posted something, reply to the old posts comments, so that they can get the notifications and check for newer posts.

This is great for getting engagement on old posts that are still relevant to current content, and it’s also a great way to tell more people about your account. Reply back to comments as long as they aren’t too spam

Make it easier for others to engage by liking/commenting on past content before they engage with you

People are more likely to engage with your Instagram posts if they’re already engaged with your content.

This is great for getting engagement on old posts that are still relevant to current content, and it’s also a great way to tell more people about your account. You want to be sure not to like/comment too many of the same photos you’ve already liked/commented on (be sure to space them out), otherwise people will find it spammy.


What are Instagram engagement hacks?

Followers don’t always know the answer to a question, so they look for an expert like you! The more you can provide in the way of content or engagement, the better chance you have at building a larger following. You want to create a feed on Instagram that is engaging and will make followers feel closer to your brand.

How do they work to get more likes on IG?

Instagram is in the process of rolling out a new feature called hashtags are live. This means that once you tag a hashtag, your post will start to populate that category’s page and there’ll be a link for followers to click back to your profile. There are also filters for you to use which can help first-time followers find your account more easily

How do I stay relevant on Instagram?

The best way to stay relevant on Instagram is by always posting new content so people don’t forget about you which will ask them if they want an update, and when you post again it creates a cycle where people know what they have seen before since it’s their go-to feed! You might also try one tip shared from a user which is to write something like: “This post was originally shared on January 18, 2021. It has since been edited for content and clarity” Keep in mind not to mention the specific time you’re posting or your followers may get confused by what day it actually is.

What’s the secret for getting more attention from followers and people who don’t follow you yet too?

The best way to get attention and create a following on Instagram is by being unique. Have you ever used the hashtag #MysteryBrand? It’s full of people who are celebrating their companies, and creating awareness for their products in an unexpected way. Even if you don’t have much of a following on your account currently, this will help others find your content and potentially follow!

What is a group chat that helps promote and engage with other influencers’ content easier?

A group chat can be helpful with promoting your posts to other influencers. You can ask them what would be a good time of day to post, which is typically when they are geared up for engagement and have the most amount of followers on their feed

A “group chat” is when you share various images with different people in the screenshot, often in real time. This allows you to see what others are posting about, engage with more than one topic at a time and also answer a funny meme instantly! You can even use stickers or gifs which will help add something extra fun into the conversation

It’s important that if you’re going to start using a “group chat,” especially with influencers from other industries or countries.

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