How to Move a WORDPRESS Web Hosting Blog With Duplicator

Today I’m going to explain how you can move WordPress hosting in a really comfortable way thanks to the great free plugin of Duplicator.

If you do it by the “traditional” way, over a WordPress blog from one hosting service to another, although it is not a tremendously complicated task, it does involve a series of steps that for a not very technical person can be…

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To Easily Set up a Forum With WORDPRESS

If you are looking for advice and action on the Internet, you will find numerous helpful forums. Users give tips and instructions for those seeking advice or exchange information on specific topics. Clubs, event organizers, and product manufacturers also frequently offer a virtual platform for exchanging experiences and opinions. We will explain how you too can set up your own forum with WordPress.

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Set Up WordPress E-mail SMTP (Instruction)

If your WordPress is having problems sending or receiving emails, we have the solution for you.

Of course, you can use special third party services like Mandrill instead of the following solution, but these services cost money.

In this article, we will show you a way that doesn’t cost you money but is stil…

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Develop WordPress Plugins: How To Program Your Own Extensions

Develop WordPress Plugin

The fact that WordPress is so popular is not only due to the fact that the content management system is open source, quickly installed and easy to use. The resounding success of web software is mainly due to its modifiability. Already since version 1.2, which was released just four months after the first stable WordPress…

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