Top 5 All-in-one Themes for Wordpress - 2022

When you are looking for a new WordPress theme, it is important to know what you want to accomplish with your blog or website in order to find one that will work well for you. There are many different types of themes available and knowing what you wa...

Top 5 All-in-one Themes for Wordpress - 2022

When you are looking for a new WordPress theme, it is important to know what you want to accomplish with your blog or website in order to find one that will work well for you. There are many different types of themes available and knowing what you want your blog or site to look like can help make the decision easier. 

With so many different options available to you, it is important to remember that the theme really isn't the most important factor in creating a successful blog.

There are other factors such as how professional your blog appears and how well written the articles and posts are on your site. Another part of having an effective site is maintaining a consistent look and content.

To maintain a consistent look, you will need to have plugins installed on your site that allow you to post content in different categories such as videos or pictures. Blogging is generally thought of as an open type of writing.

You are able to write about whatever interests you and it really doesn't matter what the topic may be. However, depending upon the topic of your blog, you may need to have a consistent layout when it comes to your pictures and videos. 

Take for example if you were writing about home decorating and you wanted your posts to include pictures along with the content, you would want an easy way to display those pictures on each post instead of having them all displayed as one big photo gallery on your page.

There are many plugins that you can purchase or that you may be able to download free, to help with this type of blog.

It is crucial to make a good first impression.

You can get to know someone by getting to know them, as well as when you visit their website or blog.

What is the first thing that visitors see about it?

The design is perfect!

It should be enough to knock her off her seat!

It is the theme that you choose for your WordPress blog that will determine its success.

To find the most beautiful and elegant themes for your blog, I have looked at many websites and blogs.

All-in-one themes

The egg-laying and woolly pigs are all-in-one themes

These are flexible and can be used to create almost any kind of website: an online magazine, blog, or company website.

These pages often contain page builders that allow you to design your website with no HTML or CSS knowledge. They are therefore especially useful for beginners.

The flexibility and wide range of functions have their downsides.

These themes have all the features you need and can integrate with many plugins or services. In some cases, they even require the installation multiple plugins.

Loading multiple Javascript or CSS files can slow down your blog's loading speed and affect your WordPress admin area.

Even though you won't use all of the features,


Avada, which has sold over 400,000 copies worldwide, is the most popular premium theme. It was continuously updated since 2012.

Avada is a website builder that offers many options, including customization and compatibility with many plugins. There are also demos available for various website types and subject areas.

What I like personally:

Many functions can be used with the theme. For example, you can turn off the integrated slide show, Google Maps, or FontAwesome when they aren't needed.


Divi is a popular theme that can be used as a complete theme. It is flexible, customizable, and has a page builder (DiviBuilder) among many other features.

Divi Builder allows you to edit your blog front-end in a way that is different from Avada. You can use 46 elements to create individual pages. You can download over 20 demo layouts to get ideas or to create a framework for your design.

OceanWP (free).

OceanWP is one theme that we recommend as a free all-in-one theme. It is the most popular theme in the WordPress repository, with over 60,000 active installations.

It can be modified easily, is compatible with many page builders (Visual Composer and Divi Builder), and compatible with WooCommerce. It can be expanded to include features such as an Instagram feed, sticky headers or post sliders with 18 free and paid extensions .

These themes are similar to all-in-one themes but are only a base framework. Additional functions can usually be added via plugins, custom CSS and/or child themes.

These have the advantage of not being as high-inflated as Avada, Divi, and Co., which allows for faster loading times.


Genesis by StudioPress is probably the most popular and well-known theme framework for WordPress.

You can modify it very easily via the WordPress Customizer (colors and page layout, widgets headers footers etc.). Modern and minimalist, the standard design is simple. It is well-programmed and speeds up loading times.

Genesis has a unique feature: it offers a wide range of child themes, which can be purchased on the StudioPress website and from other developers.


GeneratePress is a great tool. All DCreato family blog's are based on it.

Both websites looked different before they were made. It was a lot of customization work.

Both websites load in less than a second. They have a clean and simple design with no unnecessary weight.

GeneratePress is a great tool for speeding up loading times.

The Sections module is a page builder.

The customizer allows me to design any part of the design I like.

The Elements module allows you to create your own layouts, hooks, and page headers. I use e.g. You can sign up for our newsletter in the large area below menu.

It is continually being improved and developed.

Great support and documentation

Unlimited (!) websites for $ 49.95 per year It is very affordable and you can have unlimited websites.

License renewals are eligible for a 40% discount, meaning that you will pay only $ 29.97 per annum starting in the second year. If you like to use an all-in-one theme, we recommend GeneratePress.

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