The Benefits of Hosting with a Dedicated Server

The Benefits of Hosting with a Dedicated Server

Dedicated hosting plans are often seen as the most powerful types of hosting available, and most webmasters aim to purchase a dedicated hosting plan in the near future. Dedicated severs provide a level of reliability and consistency that are not seen in other hosting plans, which makes them ideal for growing small businesses and corporations alike. If you’re curious about the benefits of using a dedicated server to host your web sites then you may want to consider the following information.

Reputation of Reliability

Dedicated servers have a reputation of being highly reliable, primarily because you do not have to share your web server with other webmasters. Of course, the size and capabilities of a dedicated hosting plan will directly determine how much data and bandwidth your sites can process at one point in time. Dedicated servers are put on high priority with hosting companies, as most of the highest paying customers utilize this type of web server. Web hosting is primarily a profit-driven industry, which means as long as dedicated hosting plans are the most expensive, they will continue to be the most reliable.

Freedom and Flexibility

A lot of people do not realize just how many restrictions a shared or VPS hosting plan has until they purchase a dedicated hosting plan and begin experimenting with their software configuration. With a dedicated hosting plan you are basically leasing your own private web server, which means you have the freedom and flexibility to change the configuration of the server as you see fit. This means you can install custom web application and use any control panel you’d like. You can also run automated software that will enhance your search engine optimization efforts as well. Using custom software and performing all of these tasks would be impossible with most other web hosting plans.

Support and Stability

Dedicated servers come with dedicated support because hosting companies understand the need for proper server administration and maintenance in the world of eCommerce. Hosting providers know that most of their dedicated hosting plan holders conduct regular eCommerce, and that their business relies upon the stability of their web server. Thus, most reputable web hosting companies offer the greatest level of priority for dedicated hosting support.

Dedicated servers have a track record of being the most stable type of web server, primarily because it is only being utilized by a single webmaster. When web servers are shared, all of the webmasters utilizing the server may have to suffer for the actions of a single webmaster. For example, a web site may be attacked by a hacker that unleashes a DDoS attack on the web server, rendering every site on the IP block useless for minutes to hours at a time. Server downtime is extremely rare in dedicated hosting plans.

Overall, the reputation, reliability, freedom, flexibility, freedom, support and stability of dedicated hosting make it a better option than any other hosting plan for the serious online business owner.

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