Recipe to Make Your Dedicated Server Hack-Proof

Recipe to Make Your Dedicated Server Hack-Proof

A very serious issue with the online world is the easy access of hackers to several servers’ resources, especially, with the high traffic generating websites. It may have adverse effects on owners who run their entire businesses online and, therefore, need specific safety measures to protect their sites.

If a person plans to purchase a web hosting package from a lesser know provider, without much security, he initially will be very happy with the deal. But once all the business and confidential data is uploaded onto the server, he would be very susceptible to hacks and malware, especially, if the server is not protected with a state of the art security systems.

In order to make your dedicated server hack proof, you need to have total control over it. You should be capable of making changes to the settings that only the administrator can do. Once you are in that position, you should immediately determine the course of action.

The most infamous method of accessing confidential data by hackers is the traditional contact forms available online. The main issue is that many users consider contact forms secured against hacks. However, this is a wrong notion; online contact forms are the least secure forms of communication over the internet. Without a proper safety protocol to protect the server, the forms are liable to innumerable spam. This can interrupt your daily business and take up your precious time while sorting out the important emails from the spam. But, no worry! With the secure online forms using PHP as the scripting language instead of HTML, spam is automatically disabled. Besides, if a hacker tries to make use of the contact forms to send more spam, the IP address gets blacklisted. This can be extremely detrimental to a business.

Try using script updates to make your server secure. Installed scripts usually go outdated with time, therefore, must be continually updated. You should always have very safe passwords to gain access to your server. Do not select a password at random. These can be easily compromised by the hackers, as hackers have a list of most used online passwords which they use to work through your server. Instead of going with a password like your name, pet, or date of birth, simply use a complex combination of numbers and letters and symbols.

The above solutions deal with the software segment of how to make your server hack proof. There are many hardware solutions as well but these usually are much complicated to use as compared to software solutions. Having the whole website run on a Secure Socket Layer technology is most of the times impossible. Since many websites use HTML as main encrypted language, they cannot use it as secure socket layer technology but is meant for only checkout pages and shopping carts. Many hardware servers also come with a built in secure socket layer technology in the firewalls. With an IPS or intrusion protection service, you can easily protect your server instead of securing it later on.

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