Best Free WordPress Page Builders 2021

You know the saying that if you give a man a fish, he eats for one day. But if you teach him to fish, he’ll eat for his whole life? The same principle applies to website builders. If you can build your own site from scratch and maintain it, there’s no limit to what it can do for your business. You have complete control over your content and design, so all of your online marketing efforts will be more effective because they are targeted specifically at who you want them to reach. And when visitors come in from blog posts or social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, they see the exact information about what the page is about – instead of seeing an error message caused by outdated code on their part.

A page builder is a website builder that gives you the tools to create and manage your site. You can customize header images, content layout, post formats and more with just a few clicks. You can even use the drag-and-drop editor to add photos or videos without having to know any coding. This makes it easy to create a professional site that is also fully responsive, which means that it displays properly on all devices.

How does page builder work?

The concept behind building your own website from scratch instead of using one of the many ready-made design templates lies in the fact that you can bend it to fit your specific content and promote your brand instead of the one that’s given to you. And the best way for all businesses to do this is by using a page builder, because it gives them so much flexibility in their design without sacrificing any features they need to get online marketing results or optimizing their website for search engines.

What are the Best Free WordPress Page Builders plugins?

If you are running a website or blog with the WordPress CMS, you can easily install these free page builder plugins and take your productivity to a whole new level.


Elementor is a fully featured website design tool that gives you the power to create, customize and manage any web projects without coding. Whether it’s personal or professional sites, landing pages, blogs, portfolios or online stores, this page builder plugin gives you everything you need to get the site you want with the look and feel you have in mind. It has a drag and drop editor that allows you to create your own page design without touching a single line of code!

Elementor Addons

It is fully responsive, so your site will be mobile friendly. This means it will display correctly on all devices no matter what size they are, including tablets and cell phones, and it’s the best way to ensure a professional design that works for you. It also features unlimited color options to make your site look exactly how you want it to – without being limited by a particular template.

Elementor gives you complete control over every aspect of your website through its advanced admin panel. You can create new and customize existing templates, manage posts through the WordPress admin panel, update your site with one click by using auto-update feature, preview on real devices right from the admin panel and much more!

Apart from building completely custom websites, you can use this plugin for creating landing pages and advertising campaigns. It’s the perfect tool for promoting your business, ad agency or freelancer service online. If you’re looking to get more leads and drive conversions, this page builder will definitely help you do it. It allows you to create beautiful landing pages that are responsive and mobile friendly, so they will display properly on both large desktop screens and small devices.

Being a web developer, I know the importance of being able to create a web page without having to touch any code. The best part about plugins is that they are pretty straightforward and easy to use. Elementor Page Builder is one such plugin which enables you to create beautiful and responsive pages without touching any code.

Elementor is the perfect tool for any designer who wants to give their website a professional and clean look. This plugin comes with over 24 unique layout templates which can be customized in an instant with drag and drop features. This means that all templates are fully responsive, too, no matter what size or device they’re on! And like most other WordPress plugins, Elementor offers CSS3 animations so that your content pops up on the screen in style.

The most important reason why I enjoy using this plugin is the fact that it’s visual and easy to use. It doesn’t need a ton of coding knowledge from you in order to create a beautiful layout for your website, which makes it perfect for beginners as well! If you’re looking for an easy way to enhance your WordPress site and make it more visually appealing without spending a ton of time on the design process, Elementor is the perfect solution.

Divi Page Builder

Divi is a popular WordPress plugin that can be used to build all types of pages, from regular blog posts to full website layouts. It’s great for designers and developers because it allows you to control every aspect of the design process with just a few clicks. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to arrange the content and make changes as needed, so you won’t spend more time than necessary on designing your page.

divi builder review

As a front end developer myself, I’ve been meaning to try out Divi but never got around to trying it out until now. However, after using it for a week I have already fallen in love with this page builder! It’s perfect for people who are looking for something powerful enough for creating websites, but without the steep learning curve or additional coding requirements.

The plugin comes with a great selection of page templates and there’s also a large collection of premade design elements which you can use to create your own pages. It allows developers to customize CSS code on the front end without any developer skills required! This is a big advantage because you can get exactly the look you want without spending too much time on it. If you’re more of a designer than a developer and would like to craft your pages with design skills only, this is definitely the plugin for you!

Some page builders have hundreds of features which extend way beyond their original purposes. This usually results in bloated interfaces that might not seem very useful to everyone. On the other hand, this page builder focuses on allowing you to create a website as fast and as easy as possible with pre-defined templates and elements that are organized into 10 sections.

It’s great for small businesses who want a way to showcase their products or services in an interesting way without spending too much time on developing a proper website.

Visual Composer

Visual Composer is another professional WordPress page builder plugin you can use to customize the look of your site. The plugin not only helps you create stunning pages and posts, but it also allows you to compare different designs without code interference – so if you have some specific layout in mind, you can quickly see how it would look in practice.

visual composer website builder for wordpress

Visual Composer is another popular page builder for WordPress that I would like to recommend you here. It’s easy to get started with this plugin since there are tons of premade templates which you can use, but you can also customize them by adding a photo or text here and there. This plugin has drag and drop features which makes it very easy to visualize the final result of your page before you even finish building it!

To build pages with this builder, all you need is to add rows and columns on the admin dashboard and then add elements into specific places. If you don’t want to use premade templates, you can also create your own by using custom CSS classes available in the plugin dashboard. It’s a great solution for web developers who would like to control every aspect of their page but are not really experts in coding.

When it comes to building responsive pages that work on all mobile devices, this is the perfect solution for you. The plugin comes with pre-defined templates and elements which can be combined in any way you want. It also offers an online preview tool that allows you to see exactly how your page will look on various devices and browsers before implementing it into your site.

It’s great if you want to make a web page using drag and drop features, but sometimes it might become confusing. If you’d like to work with the plugin without any coding or design skills at all, check out rwdPage. It will allow you to create high performing pages using simple drag and drop features, which can be used by non-techies as well! The best part about using this plugin is that it delivers a very fast experience

breeze for both users and developers. This means you will spend much less time creating your pages, which results in more time to get things done!

Most WordPress plugins have a steep learning curve when it comes to understanding how they work. They also require some coding knowledge and the right set of tools to make it work for you. However, Elementor is one plugin which will allow you to build a website in minutes without any prior technical experience or coding knowledge.

This page builder comes with ready-made templates that can be used right away, and they’re fully mobile responsive so there’s no need to worry about that. If you want to create something completely from scratch, you can always use the blank template and start building your page from there. Elementor is incredibly easy to use, which might actually be its biggest benefit of all!

Thrive Architect

If you’re looking for a free drag-and-drop website builder that will help you create stunning web pages, then you should give Thrive Architect a try! With its simple and intuitive interface, you’ll be able to design your website with just a few clicks. You can even add different page layouts for each section of your site!

thrive architect lead gen element 980

Why use a page builder for your website

A page builder is a tool that can be used to create an entire website and customize every aspect of it. You will be able to choose from tons of templates to create beautiful web pages in just minutes. A page builder is also useful for people who don’t have any coding skills because you are able to design it by using drag and drop features. It’s a great solution for people who want to save time and money when making their websites with a modern, mobile-friendly design.

How to choose the right one for you

To choose the best page builder for your website, you should first figure out what your needs are. Do you want to create a website from scratch and start designing it by adding rows and columns? Or do you prefer using premade templates with responsive layouts? Whatever your preference is, there’s always a right page builder for the job!

The second thing to think about is how complicated you want your design to be. Some page builders will only offer drag-and-drop features and others might come with pre-defined templates that allow you to customize them in various ways. You should also consider whether or not you want an online preview tool that will help you see how your page will look on different devices before implementing it into your site


A page builder is a tool that can be used to create an entire website and customize every aspect of it. You will be able to choose from tons of templates to create beautiful web pages in just minutes. A page builder is also useful for people who don’t have any coding skills because you are able to design it by using drag and drop features. It’s a great solution for people who want to save time and money when making their websites with a modern, mobile-friendly design. To find the right one for your needs, consider how complicated you want your site’s design or if you need advanced features like animations or special effects on each element.

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